Sawyer/Miles spinoff

Written 17th March

Anyone up for a Sawyer/Miles spinoff cop show? Maybe a Miami Vice meets the Shield type drama. I always thought that Josh Holloway had a bit of a Don Johnson thing going on (from the 80’s that is)… My friends were all like , “I’d definitely watch that.” Anyway, only kidding of course, but I really enjoyed the whole buddy cop thing with Miles just like when they worked for Dharma and Sawyer was LeFleur.

PS…To all you girls who are Sawyer fans – coudl you imagine that yu are set up on a blind date and Sawyer shows up…talk about alternate realities!!!!!!

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I am certainly going to miss LOST when it ends and have a feeling that I will be switching off between nail biting and crying throughout the entire final season. The possibility of them dying is just awful when you really love and enjoy the characters. I would love to see a LOST SPECIALl that airs AFTER the season finale that goes through many of the episodes pointing out clues and interesting tidbits that we may have missed the first go-round or even if we re-watched any. Even if most of the mysteries and questions are addressed in the finale, little things that LOST fans enjoy blogging about (paintings on walls, photos in scenes, clocks, someone in background that is significant, etc)would make for a great LOST SPECIAL. Anyway, this is a great forum.

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