SmokeyLock is Aaron

Written 17th March

Smokeylock explains to Kate that he had a crazy mother and Aaron now has a crazy mother.  If it is going in circles, Aaron could be the SmokeLock. This would definitely relate him to Christian  [–> Jack, Claire –> Aaron]

I’m wondering how Aaron ties into all this, being a descendant of Christian and sharing a common background with SmokeLock (Especially since such a fuss was made in season 1 about Claire raising him).

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4 thoughts on “SmokeyLock is Aaron

  1. No because the man Jacob is talking to on the Beach is definitely not an older Aaron & I think its clear that Smokey is Flocke & Flocke is the other man on the beach.

    Alex had a crazy mom, as well as the real John Locke’s mom, an now Aaron’s mom along with MIB’s mother.

    I think the conversation between Kate & Flocke was to tell us that Flocke at one point in time was a human being with a mother just like everyone else but she was crazy just like Aaron’s mom was crazy & that is why he is the way he is, maybe its a hint that MIB’s crazy mom was maybe on the Island an thats how she became Claire Crazy, who knows maybe MIB is a native to the Island but im guessing he was brought there like everyone else like Dogen says to Jack.

  2. I think that Flock saying that Aaron’s mother is crazy too is a bit of a Red Herring in that it might lead us to the very conclusion you have posted. However, I think he is trying to recruit Kate, so illustrating that Claire is really CRAZY may play on her sympathies to stay with his group. Kate did return to the island to get Claire, and now that Claire has apologized and is apparently nuts, Kate may want to try to take care of her somehow like she is in the SLU.

  3. i think he was just saying that to get kate to sympathize with him and then trust him, i dont believe a word that comes out of smoky’s mouth he is conning everyone…. also there is another theory on here on the same subject, there were some good comments on it, you should read them

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