MIB is protecting Aaron

I’ve looked through a few of the theories on Claire, Christian and MIB and think a connection may have been missed. Dogen said that Sayid was infected, like Jack’s sister – so Claire isn’t just crazy, she’s infected. Because of the last conversation between Locke and Kate, I think Locke is trying to protect Aaron.
Why? A few bits and pieces
If MIB/Locke says he was once a man, and had a crazy mother- it isn’t much of a leap to think that he was raised on the island by a mother who was infected.
I think that the appearances of Christian can be attributed to more than one thing – ie, he isn’t just MIB or Christian or a ghost. Smokie has been Christian sometimes, early on the smokie sound effects were very obvious around the sightings of Christian.
Sayid was close to death / dead then became infected. Did Claire die /come close to death in the explosion and become infected then?

So MIB/smokie grew up with a crazy infected mother and is still carrying the emotional scars of that upbringing. Because of this he wants to protect other children from this (interesting that Ben took Alex – was Rousseau infected? seems reasonable, did someone ask Ben to raise her?) Claire is infected and smokie knows will turn a bit crazy, so he appears as Christian – the one person who could convince her to walk away from Aaron. This way he is able to have Aaron raised by a non-crazy, infected mother off island.
It makes sense from what we know already that smokie has been trying to protect Aaron. Is it just because of his own issues with his mother or does he need Aaron for something else?

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4 thoughts on “MIB is protecting Aaron

  1. Do you think Unlocke slapped his mother like he did Claire?

    Haha, hmmm this seems very plausible.. But on the other hand, if Rousseau was infected, the presence of Alex seemed to tame her. So maybe if Claire and Aaron were reunited Claire may slowly revert to her normal self.. Maybe thats why it was so important for Claire to raise him?

    I dont know, im just throwing stones with a blindfold on now!

  2. This never occurred to me, but it makes total sense. Great connections.

    Once you follow this hypothesis through of why MiB as smokie would appear as Christian and would then in turn set up the series of events of Aaron being taken off-island by Kate.

    Looking more likely that Christian is just another smokie identity…

  3. About Christian’s appearances, I am inclined to agree that sometimes it may have been Smokie, but other times it may have actually been his apparition. That time when Jack follows him to the caves, then loses him only to discover the much needed source of fresh water (not to mention Adam and Eve) just did not strike me as a Smokie move. But the thing that really makes me wonder is why Christian’s body was missing from the coffin/crash area? And to further that pondering, why is the coffin/body also missing in the alternate time line? If the island is now sunk and he did die in Australia, where did he go?

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