The Future of Sawyer

I think he’s going to try and leave without Kate. They’ll get a chance to leave, and somehow Kate will be incapacitated, leaving James to choose between going back for her and moving on. He’ll choose the latter and leave Kate behind. He’s already stated that he’s not on anyone’s team, so he’s going to be about himself.

Added bonus: I think the sub will get destroyed soon after that, being the ironic twist about his shadiness.



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5 thoughts on “The Future of Sawyer

  1. I really don’t care about Kate, I find her and Jack the two most annoying characters in LOST.

    But I really don’t think Sawyer will leave anyone behind. I think that when Sawyer said that he was referring to not being part of either Flock or Jacob’s side.

    He is trying to con the both sides and something tells me that he will be busted. Probably by realizing that Flock is Widmore’s best friend.

  2. The tricky thing about Lost is you never know when someone’s telling the truth and when their not. Sawyer is attempting to con both sides, and who knows what Flocke is up to, trying to manipulate everyone in sight, somehow promising them passage off the island even though he has to kill the candidates to leave himself. Sawyer seems trustworthy and loyal to people he cares about, but extremely ruthless and willing to short-change anyone he does not have a personal connection with. My guess is he’ll leave Kate behind because my guess is that he is officially over her (evidence=scene of Juliet’s death).

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