Sawyer’s black beaded bracelet

Just thought i’d point out that Sawyer is wearing a black beaded bracelet in “Recon” in the flash-sideways-alt-place. Much like how others have pointed out Helen and her black nail polish, people may attribute this to MIB’s presence in the sideways. Does anyone actually thinks this means anything or are the writers trying to trick us into thinking so to keep us off track?

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5 thoughts on “Sawyer’s black beaded bracelet

  1. I believe that it means something related to that particular timeline being attributed to the “dark” side getting it victory…

    And I also believe that everything means something on Lost…

  2. i think it would be for a reason.
    I think what we might be seeing in sideways is what could happen should they choose a deal with MIB. I think he will offer these lives to all of them but we arent seeing or he isnt showing them the full story.


    Although that doesnt explain why Dogen is there tho, because MIB has no reaosn to offer him a deal, considering he is dead. I think.

  3. yeah…most things mean something on lost…but i dont think that does. dont get me wrong, i’ll lay down and take a kicking if i’m wrong…it just doesnt seem like it matters to me.

  4. I don’t think they will ever explain any of what they have used as symbolism on the show eg. Christian’s white shoes, mirrors etc so hurley – you will never be proven right or wrong 🙂 I think it’s more around whether they are trying to indicate MIB’s and/or the island’s presence in this other timeline, they could have given alt-Sawyer a watch or even a trendy leather bracelet to sport, but they’re beads (religious symbolism, like prayer strands) so i’m sure it’s the writers shout out to us to say ‘hey – the Losties in this timeline are not in a world where none of this other freaky deaky stuff doesn’t exist’. I think I just answered my own question lol

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