Widmore and Mib look set for a confrontation. Why else would Widmore have a barrier system like Dharmaville? I think smokie can only be killed or contained while he is the smoke monster. Whatever Widmore has in the locked room on the sub is not a weapon, where would be the big reveal in that. 

Does this scenario make Jacks losties allies with Widmore and pit them against Sawyer and the rest of their old friends, in an the enemy of my enemy is my friend way?
Mib says that the island didn’t need protection. I think he’s right. And wrong. I have long held the belief that the island is the place where the multiverse’s converge. Now I think that it is the plug in the dam that stops them all existing at the same time. 

The function of the island is to plug a hole in order to keep every universe and reality seperate and stable. Sometime other realitys can bleed through or be released into this one via the island. Hence things like Kates horse and possibly the safe landing universe. 

Jacob was able to keep an eye on all this via his mirror. It can see into all versions of reality. The island seems to me to have been a prison to Mib. Maybe it wasn’t but that’s what it came to represent to him. Why he can turn into a smoke monster I don’t know. He wants to go home maybe home is another dimension and where he’s from this is natural for people. Could it be that the island is a plug for a hole between other dimensions? Keeping dimensions and beings from those dimensions seperate.    

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  1. MIB turned into the smoke monster pretty easily when he killed everyone in the Temple. I think when Ilanna said he can’t take another form she meant he can’t appear as anyone else but Locke now.

  2. I don’t know how you took that from this post. What I meant is that when flocke changes forn to smokie then he can be killed. I said nothing about him taking anyone elses form.

  3. Awesome post! I would be dissappointed if this turned out to be right, as it is so close to Stephen King’s Dark Tower (Read it if you haven’t) but it sounds like a pretty accurate theory to me.

  4. I think what you said about Jacob’s mirror is interesting. Watching that scene in the lighthouse, i thought it was cool that the mirror which reflected what was seen in the telescope was actually 3-4 well placed mirrors. To me that meant that the image produced 4 different reflections/realities/dimensions. I’m not sure if that makes the island a ‘plug’ but this is an interesting theory.

  5. I don’t think there will ever be mention or allusion to a multiverse, just the two we see. Other than that, the island may have a special purpose for interaction between the two universes.

  6. L like the idea of it being like the Dark Tower. The place where all worlds come together. The first four books of Dark Tower are right there on top of my list of favorite books. Also, I am a fan of the many worlds theory.I just don’t know if the writers will take it that far. Maybe just mention it in passing.
    It’s kinda weird Whidmore having the pylons set up on Hydra. If MIB can’t cross the water (which hasn’t been proven or disproven) why would he set them up there? Neither MIB nor Whidmore said anything about their plans so I’m not sure who or what those pylons are for. I think Sawyer is setting himself up whether he knows it or not.

  7. I’m actually thinking that the FSW is the replay of time. Its what happens after they prevent doomsday. What you do in this life doesn’t effect this life, it effects the next one.

    Juliet detonating jughead didn’t split the timeline and create the FSW but it did set a series of events up to make that other “universe”(FSW) happen. we just haven’t seen that event yet. She said “It worked”

    I tend to believe time is like a record, when the record gets to the middle=doomsday. but the record gets replayed. The actions and beliefs that you hold in one revolution of the record determine the life you will receive in the next.

    Look at my theory “Record Theory- Awesome” if you like this idea

  8. Roland – You mentioned MIB can’t cross the water, but flight 316 landed on hydra island so I would assume he can. I would assume the reason he sent sawyer was part of some plan for him — maybe to get him killed since he is a canidate.

  9. I thought the mirror was just watching the candidate’s lives as they grew up at specific points of interest? Was there any indication of sideways world images?

    wharfrat77 – I’ve long been a fan of the record theory — like the one you posted previously — likening the time events on the island to that of a record. Your theory fits well with the themes of the show and the characters — as well as the Jacob “it only has to end once” statement. I actually think the H-bomb core created a paradox loop instead of a split in time because of the problems with multi-verse theories (string based — not lost based).

    Has any event occurred in sideways world that would have had to been before the events of the incident in ’77? That to me would be a good basis for how the two lines relate to each other.

  10. I like the multi-verse idea but I think it’s easier for us to understand because we have heard of the concept. I think regular viewers who ONLY watch the show would have a harder time understanding the concept through the show’s dialogue/explanation. However, I really liked your thoughts on how the island plugs the hole between universes. What if the island’s 305 degree bearing and the donkey wheel were like wormholes to get to off-island areas, which are in reality, other universes? hmm…

  11. I wrote a theory a little while back that Locke and Widmore are planning on teaming up when they get together. They have things that each other want and the pylons could have been to trick Sawyer into thinking they are enemies.

  12. I’m sure everyone will recall Widmore’s comment last season to the real Locke that “there’s a war comin John, and it’s important that the right side win”. It is interesting that Widmore knew about this even before the Losties had returned to the island again. Also, Widmore made a comment to Sawyer last week on the sub, about just how little Sawyer knows about things. Certainly Widmore speaks like he has foreknowledge of coming events, and that he knows a good part of what is really going on with the island. I am really starting to think that some of the characters (Jacob, Widmore) have travelled to the distant (or maybe not so distant) future and have witnessed an outcome which neither of them want…perhaps the end of the world?? Jacob certainly seems to have travelled or otherwise existed for all of man’s history, perhaps both past and future. His knowledge of everything from foreign languages (both modern and ancient) to how to weave a tapestry with thread he spun himself either defines him as God, or a reasonably intelligent person who has avoided aging, illness, and death and who has been around for eons. I guess he might also be an alien, but I’m not thinking the show’s writers are going to go there. I really found it interesting when Jacob mentioned to Ben shortly before Ben killed him, that “it takes a long time to make (the tapestry) when you make the thread yourself, but I suppose that’s the point” meaning that he had a long time to work on it, with little else to do. I really can’t wait for Jacob’s back story, though perhaps tonite’s episode (about Richard Alpert’s history) will reveal something aobut Jacob as well. Oops, that’s starting now….gotta run!

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