The ship?

Ok so following last nights episode (which i think was greeeeat!) i have one simple question.

We see the Black Rock crashing into the statue and being brought inland by a kinda tsunami (thats finally answered)..

So when Jacob and the other guy were sitting on the beach, what ship were they looking at there? It cant be the BR due to the weather we have just seen.. So if Jacob brought them (the other ship) to the island, then doesnt that mean that ship is still there somewhere?

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15 thoughts on “The ship?

  1. I am pretty sure it was the black rock, just far off shore. By the time it reached the island I assume it was night and a storm brought them in.

    Remember they were brought to the island they were not looking for it.

  2. I really doubt it…

    In the season5 finale they showed a black ship very far off coast that MIB claimed Jacob brought to the island

    MIB – “how did they find the island”

    Jacob – “you will have to ask them when they get here”

    MIB – “I don’t have to ask, you brought them here”

    MIB – “Still trying to prove me wrong,, bla bla bla,, You know how badly I want to kill you?”

    I believe this conversation is pivotal because it is the first time MIB tells Jacob of his plan to kill him.

    In Ab Aeterno, Jacob admits he brought the ship to the island. When the ship arrives MIB kills everyone on the ship except for Richard, he tries to convince Richard to kill Jacob.

    When Richard approaches Jacob, Jacob beats the crap out of him and asks what he is doing. “Did a man dressed in black say something to you?”

    *Richard is the first person MIB has attempted to use in order to execute Jacob. At the end of the episode Jacob & MIB have a talk, Jacob says “you tried to have me killed!, As long as I am alive you will never leave this island”

    *At this point MIB needs a full proof plan, Jacob will not be so easily defeated.

  3. but jacob already knew how much the man wanted to kill him… and you are making a lot of assumptions. richard might not be the first person mib uses.

  4. R u kidding!

    Did you not watch the end?

    Go watch the conversation between Jacob & MIB at the end of Ab Aeterno again and then tell me I am wrong.

    The shock and suprise in Jacob’s face/voice that Richard had come for him and that MIB actually sent someone to kill him is evident enough!

    Jacob is convinced at this point (for the first time) that if you don’t step in, the MIB will. Thus Jacob appoints Richard as a consigliere, to help the people that Jacob brings to the island.

    That was a very important first for all three of them!

  5. Jacob knew that the MIB wanted him dead, but not that he would send someone to do it!

    I dont think MIB ever appeared to anyone before Richard. Jacob was shocked that someone had come for him, asked if a man in black had said something to Richard?

    otherwise he wouldn’t need to ask, he would just know this is another MIB assassin.

    Jacob brought so many people to the island before but they are all dead. Richard is special, we watched his story because that is when everything changed, that is when MIB started to implement his plan for the first time!

  6. he could have been infected, crazy, going to kill. but even if he didnt think that… jacob didnt seem very surprised. he in fact seemed like he was waiting for him. he asked if a man in black sent him because he was showing richard that he knew this other person (a BLACK shirt) and was going to explain to him the metaphor with the black liquid in the bottle.

  7. Yeah, the weather did change mighty quickly. In an earlier post someone speculated maybe MIB got mad …

    I’m with Josh. Same ship. First attempt to off Jacob.

    In the General Chat section under Taweret I speculated that the destruction of the statue allowed MIB the opportunity to kill MIB because she ‘protected against evil by restraining it’ (per Wiki).

  8. Jacob did seem suprised, He took the knife and said

    “What are you doing here?”

    “I don’t know your wife, did she come on the ship”

    He didn’t connect the MIB and Richard until Richard said his wife didn’t come on the ship because she is dead.

    Thats when Jacob said, that is not your wife and you are not dead.

    Jacob had never encountered one of MIB’s assassins before that, I felt that was RIDICULOUSLY obvious.

  9. to me, jacob is never surprised, if he didn’t ask all those questions, hed seem like the devil to ricardo for knowing all that. seeing that he brought the ship to the island, he probably know about ricardo’s past like he knew about the losties past.

  10. Now you’re making assumptions, I am working with the dialouge to understand Jacob and MIB’s position regarding Richard.

    Ricardo already thought Jacob was the devil, Jacob simply said “No, I am not the devil” and made Ricardo realize he was being played because RICARDO IS NOT DEAD IN HELL (like MIB said) OTHERWISE HE WOULD NOT MIND BEING DROWNED.

    Thats when Ricardo realizes that the MIB lied to him, and Jacob had some truth.

    EKO – how can you not see that was the first attempt on Jacob’s life. He came to MIB and said “You tried to kill me?”

    If he has been trying forever, why bother asking that?

  11. Jacob brought the ship to the island, not just Richard. He asked Richard his name, said I do not know your wife.

    He even asked if Richard’s wife was on the boat, so Jacob is not all knowing like you think he is.

    Jacob sat down to shoot the shit with Richard, told him about the island and gave him a job.

    Richard is the first and only person to ever be given this job. Jacob decided he needs someone to do this job because MIB is going to start trying to convince everyone to kill Jacob. Richard tells them Jacob is good.

    How can you not see this?

  12. you are also making assumptions, based on the dialogue, as i did, based on previous dialogue. he asked you tried to kill me? when he already knew the answer, as you already stated. it was a conversation starter, just like i guess you found your loophole.

    sigh, this makes no difference, at all, i was just having fun playing the man in black’s (devil’s) advocate. if you argue with assumptions, i am allowed to counter with assumptions as well. devils rules.

  13. I think the whole point is that the writers have still managed to make it uncertain who (if anyone) is “good” and who is “bad”. May all depend on point of view. Most interesting to me in the current timeframe was how important Hurley is, and I think he will continue to be key to everything going forward. He seems to see and know as much as anyone at this point, and I get the impression that MIB/Locke is frustrated by Hurley. Hurley, to me, is the true believer who does things because he thinks they are right rather than for his own motivations, so he may well be the key to the Jacob side.

  14. As usual, I am with ekolocation on this one. You are making too many broad assumptions! I agree that’s the way that IT LOOKS by the end of the last episode, but in Lost, you never really know what’s just around the corner.

    Just a bit of common sense though, free of any details within the episodes themselves. It looks as if Nemesis and Jacob have been on the island together for several hundred, if not thousands, of years. You really think Nemesis waited until the 1800’s to try and kill Jacob? If there’s been many before Richard, he’s only trying it now?

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