Seperating the man from the Smoke.

This thought came to me when I was reading Joe’s weekly novella and I posted it there but thought it needed it’s own post. Not sure what made this click for me or if it’s right. Suppose when Smokie is on a rampage you circle the host body with ash then Smokie can’t back inside of it. Not sure how a host body gets picked. We haven’t seen what happens to John’s likeness when the Smoke Monster is around. If MIB is as long lived as Jacob he could have been sitting in that cabin for a hundred years for all we know. With MIB  still being alive (at least in spirit form) Smokie couldn’t become corporeal in a permanent way until the circle was broken and the spirit or old, impotent body of MIB went byebye. I know there are alot of holes in this but it just came to me.

Has anyone read Anne Rice’s book “The Witching Hour”? In it a spirit inhabits a fetus when it is still in the womb and becomes alive. My thought is something like this but without the baby.

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5 thoughts on “Seperating the man from the Smoke.

  1. Because he isn’t using Locke’s actual body, I think about smokie as almost like pure energy that can be ‘pulled’ together in different forms and the human aspect is just an intense concentrated version, so when he becomes smokie the human vision would disappear because it’s all the same energy. Kind of like in “The Witching Hour” before it became ‘human’.

  2. There have been people saying that they saw a body in the smoke as it was gutting the Temple. I don’t have a dvr so haven’t been able to look real close.

  3. Nice thought… I like the idea of having to trap MIB somehow, but I too think his body just disappears when he changes to smoke.

    As for there being bodies in the smoke when he was trampling the temple… I read somewhere that was just the bodies of the people he was thrashing. I haven’t rewatched to verify though.

  4. Yes, there actually were a man in the smoke, you see it right as it is passing over Kate and Claire..
    Some say that this is most likely a redshirt/dead-body getting dragged along(I myself thought so initially)but I’m not entirely sure about that..
    We’ve never seen such a behaviour before, sure he tends to drag people away, but never lifting them up for a long ride.
    I smash and crash, swiftly, and then that’s it..

    It probably is just a body, but I fail to see why he’d drag that along, and it would be out of character for “him/it”

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