Black Rock inconsistency

Written 23rd March

Has anyone noticed a discrepancy between how the Black Rock reaches the island on AB Aeternum e on the first episode where Flock is introduced?

In todays episode (6×09) the Black Rock reaches the island on the middle of a huge storm while on the episode where Flocke is introduced the Black Rock reaches the island on calm sunny day where Jacob is waiting for them at the beach.

Have we been watching multiple timelines all along?

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7 thoughts on “Black Rock inconsistency

  1. I posted a question on this called ‘the ship’ and a lot of people think that the BR was outside the islands bounderies and that when it passes that line, the weather drastically changes

  2. Don’t know if that theory makes any sense at all. Mostly because the weather was pretty calm and sunny while both Jacob and Flocke were discussing the ship arrival on the island. But since it’s Lost anything is possible.

  3. locked –

    Yeah, I’m not really understanding that either. I REALLY don’t get what the hell’s goin on with that. I just REALLY hope it wasn’t a continuity error.

  4. i think in all honesty this can be explained by the strange weather that happens on the island. One minute it’s beautiful sunshine, the next the heavens open like crazy.

    Jacob and MIB both seem to possess some magical powers so i’m guessing that it’s quite likely that one of them was able to whip up a nasty storm to make sure the ship ended up on the Island.

  5. Don’t rule out the fact that it may have visited the Island before.

    Hanso visited the Island (or at least that was my interpretation) and could have quite easily sent another ship at the request of Jacob. We’ve already seen that Ben and Widmore had people working for them off island.

  6. You’re kidding but that could very well be it. Because the people on the Black Rock only see the island during the storm.

    So if the ships arrival in AB Aeterno wasn’t continuity error that ship we see while both MIB and Jacob were talking at the beach was either another ship or a different loop in the show where the Black Rock arrives on a sunny day.

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