Ghosts/Manifestations on the Island

Written 24th March

It is pretty well universally believed that MIB has taken the form of people whose bodies are on the Island (Christian, Alex, and Yemi). However, in Ab Aeterno, we are lead to believe that MIB also took the form of Richard’s wife, who was not on the Island (which I am confused about, why take the form of only Richard’s wife? Why not the doctor? Or why not Nadia to Sayid, etc.?). I have also read that MIB was the spider that lead to Nicki and Paolo’s death and perhaps the image of Walt that lead to Shannon’s death. It would not surprise me to learn that MIB also played Dave, the hallucination that haunted Hurley and almost convinced him to kill himself (which also plays into the theory that MIB cannot directly kill candidates and is trying to influence their deaths).

As for other manifestations that have yet to be partially or fully explained (that I recall), are the horse witnessed by Kate and Sawyer; Ben’s mother seen by Ben; the little boy with the bloody hands witnessed by Flocke and Sawyer; Walt’s appearance to Locke; Walt’s appearance to Shannon at the beach; the whispers; Libby’s appearance to Michael (off island); Ana Lucia’s appearance to Hurley (off island); and Christian (as it appears that he may just be Christian, may be MIB, may be someone else, or some or all of those). It also is clear that these manifestations are only able to witnessed by some (e.g. the little boy was viewed by Flocke and Sawyer, but not Richard). These are also to be contrasted with the dreams the Claire, Locke and Eko had.

I think it is particularly important that Flocke AND Sawyer could see the little boy. I also think it is important that Kate AND Sawyer were able to see Kate’s horse, but I am not sure what to make of the fact that Sawyer can share in these viewings. It should be mentioned that Sayid also saw Walt just prior to Shannon being shot.

It seems clear to me then that there are at least two forces behind these manifestations, one being MIB and one being someone or something else, and possibly more. I say this because if MIB is directing some, but Flocke saw the little boy, then someone or something is subjecting him to the same thing.

Obviously, there is some relevance to these manifestations to those that see them (again, except, as we currently know, Sawyer) as they represent some turning point or parallel moment in life off the Island (so, perhaps are supposed to learn a lesson on the Island?) — perhaps Jacob, perhaps someone or something else, or are being used to manipulate the particular individual (Yemi for Eko, Alex for Ben, Christian for Jack and possibly Claire, Dave for Hurley, etc.) — certainly MIB. I think these manifestations (or whatever you want to call them) will make Hurley and perhaps Miles more important as the season and series wind down.

At first, I couldn’t imagine the other source being Jacob, as I would think MIB would be aware of that possibility and why would Jacob try to influence MIB in that manner, knowing that MIB would suspect it. However, I can’t think of another reason for it being anyone else, based on what we currently directly know (in other words, I am sure we can theorize how Frogurt may be behind it, probably due to some manipulation of the chemical properties in his frogurt, but we have not seen anything that supports that conjecture).

The only other theory I can think of points to it being tied in with the whispers, which have not even been partially explained yet (other than to run the other way when heard). Although, I do have a wide array of theories on the origin and purpose of the whispers, but that will be saved for another post.

Please let me know what you think, how these manifestations tie in overall and any other comments on anything above.

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