Jacob’s Death + Candidates’ Death = MiB being Free.

Written 25th March

Hi guys, first time posting on this forum. I’ve been watching Lost every time it airs ever since season 2. It’s a very interesting show and a total mystery. But I’d just like to share some of my thoughts and here’s what I got out of the latest episode (episode 9)…

Lost is a very confusing show. It’s slow, bits of pieces are all over the place and it’s hard to get a big picture of what the show is all about. Well I think after watching last night’s episode, we finally get an idea of this. All the actions that have happened in the show up until now have either been under the influence of Jacob or MiB.

Team MiB

For MiB his goal is simple, he just wants to get off the island so that he can be set free. To do this he has to:

1. Kill Jacob

2. Kill off all the remaining candidates.

1. His plan was to take over the body of John Locke and as the leader of “the others” he would be in a position to command and persuade someone to kill Jacob. Remember MiB can’t kill Jacob he needs someone else to do it and in his position he gets Ben Linus to.

2. To kill off the remaining candidates MiB’s plan was to separate the remaining candidates from the island by either them being trapped in the past (Sawyer and co) or have them off the island (Jack and co).

Up until that point MiB’s plan was a success and he probably would have been set free but to his surprise Jacob has been pulling some strings of his own. Just before MiB kicks Jacob into the fire, Jacob mutters in a tone “Their Coming”. His referring to the candidates and that they will be returning back to the island in the present.

Team Jacob

As the protector of the island Jacob probably foresaw his own death and knew that it was inevitable(kind of like Charlie’s death) so as a result he accepted the fact that he was going to die but prior to being stabbed in the heart by Ben. He was the one who influenced the events that led up to the hydrogen bomb being detonated. He was the one who wanted all the losties to board the Ajira flight to eventually return to the island.

So now back to the island and season 6, all the remaining candidates are back on the island. MiB’s primary objective now is to influence and kill them all and only then can be set free.

As for Jacob, I think you’ll find that eventually Jack would be the replacement for him. To become the new Jacob and the protector of the island there’s going to be a process which so far is unknown but I’m betting Richard knows something about this and we will find out in the remaining episodes to come.

This is my weird theory of the bigger picture of lost, I hope it doesn’t come true but we are getting so close to the end all the pieces are coming together, I can’t be help it lol.

Anyways here are some interesting facts if some of the stuff above does come true:

Kwan 42 is referring to Jin and not Sun.

When Miles does his necromancer thing and taps into Juliet’s last remaining thoughts, he recalls her saying “It worked” or something similar. She is referring to the candidates being transported back to the present.

Eloise Hawkin is a member of team Jacob and arranges agreements with Jacob to play a big role off the island.

Eloise Hawkin sent Daniel Faraday back in time because without him the candidates were not able to detonate the hydrogen bomb. [Bit of a floor here, got to think about it a bit more]

Sayid is a goner. But MiB keeps him on his side because his more useful alive then dead.

Some Questions left unanswered:

Was it Jacob or MiB who sent Jack and co back to the past (the flash on the plain)?

Is Christian MiB?

How was it that Sayid came back to life?

What is the purpose of the island constantly moving?

Why is it that MiB can kill some people but not others?

How does one become un-candidated?

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2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Death + Candidates’ Death = MiB being Free.

  1. Here are my predictions:

    These will be coming on a post whenever it gets posted

    Written 3/26/10
    1. The flash-sideways occurred before everything we saw in seasons 1-5.
    2. In this “flash-sideways” MIB escaped the island and is going to infect the world and cause doomsday.
    3. Jacob will be forced to go back in time to try to change things.
    4. This has happened many times and always ends with MIB escaping and Jacob going back in time.
    5. DHARMA was responsible for letting the MIB off the island in the “flash-sideways” timeline and that is the reason for the purge
    6. The ancient egyptians on the island used the ash to protect themselves and is the reason why they could stay for song long to build temples and statues like DHARMA used sonar.
    7. Christian was the MIB the entire time.
    8. MIB imprisoned Jacob in his cabin .
    9. While Jacob was trapped, MIB tricked the others into working for him.
    10. MIB first thought of his timeloop when Locke came out of the jungle and said Jacob sent me.
    11. Jacob was shocked when Locke came out of the jungle and said Jacob sent me.
    12. Jacob realized he needed to bring the time travelers to the island when he saw them in the 70’s.
    13. Jacob began watching his candidates off island as they where on island in the 70’s.
    14. Once 815 crashes, MIB tried every thing he could to get Locke to his side.
    15. Once 815 crashes, Jacob made his list of time travelers.
    16. The Fake Locke(MIB) will get off the island and Jack will have to reset time.
    17. Jack will replace Jacob
    18. We will see a scene with Fake Locke(MIB) and Jack sitting on the beach and the MIB will ask Jack “Do you know how bad i want to kill you?” LAST SHOT
    19. Fake Locke (MIB) and Jack will be left on the island while everybody gets to start over off the island after Jack resets time.
    20. The finale will be able to lead right into the first season and it will be circular.
    21. After Jacks reset-Sawyer(cop) will end up with Juliet
    22. After Jacks reset-Sayid will end up with nadia.
    23. After Jacks reset- Kate will not be on the run.
    24. After Jacks reset- Hurley will be lucky
    25. After Jacks reset- Ben will be good
    26. After Jacks reset- Claire will raise Aaron
    27. Adam and Eve are …….
    28. Walt was special because Jacob touched him
    29. Kate will be used to get in between Jack and Sawyer. (Like I have to predict that)
    30. Jack and Sawyer will kick each others asses
    31. Sayid will kill a main character
    32. Claire and Sayid will both die. For real.
    33. Widmore knows about MIB and is there to help Jacob
    34. Desmond is in the Locked room in the sub

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