Richard, immortality and The Green Mile.

Richard asks for his wife back and Jacob says no. (This would be happiness)
Richard asks for absolution and Jacob says no. (This would be spiritual happiness)
Richard at this point has lost hope and wants pain therefore wants punishment forever and asks for immortality. Jacob says yes.
Is Richard being punished?
I believe being immortal and regretting the death of the woman you love IS punishment.


We know Stephen King is a big influence on the writers of lost.


Have you read the Green Mile? Have you watched the film? Tom Hanks character essentially kills an angel….his punishment???? IMMORTALITY!

Therefore to give someone immortality must be a bad thing, only an evil person would do that.



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Loving Lost! I keep having different ideas about the programme so i'm glad I can come on here and put them forward. I still subscribe to the theory that Locke has been MIB since the plane crashed.......

6 thoughts on “Richard, immortality and The Green Mile.

  1. On the one hand I like the comparison with the Green Mile and Tom Hanks’ character’s immortality, on the other hand I believe Richard’s immortality is not necessarily a punishment.

  2. this is a good interpretation of it.

    I however believe he wanted immortality to ensure he doesnt go to hell due to not having his sins forgiven.

    But with LOST who knows!

  3. I think it’s a temporary immortality! Jacob has given him the time to come to terms with killing the doctor, the time that he didn’t have way back in Tenerife. This will allow him to repent and gain absolution not by simply being granted it by Jacob, but earning it by helping Jacob in his quest for ?

  4. The last episode, Ab Aeterno, shows him finally coming to terms with his life, accepting his fate, realizing that he had to forgive himself, and that he really still had Isabella in his heart. I think he can die now.

  5. When Richard was in the prison, the priest told him that the only way to absolution was a lifetime of penance. So, because Richard felt that he caused his wife’s death, he wanted his lifetime to be as long as possible so that he could put that suffering on himself. I think Jacob not doing any of that other stuff was just because it was out of his scope to do such things.

    I still don’t remember exactly HOW or in what manner Jacob bestowed immortality.

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