This has been bugging me big time. Did anybody else notice that in the “Recon” episode Charlotte was WAY, I mean night and day difference, more attractive than when seen in seasons 4-5. I mean DAMN. It looks like in the Flash Sideways she got on WeightWatchers or something because she looked alot slimmer. On the the island she wasn’t even a viable option (If you catch my drift). But hello Flashsideways. I may have to take a trip over there sometime.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. My LOST partner and I were doing Sawyer’s voice-over during that scene where he sees her for the first time and we were saying…naaaaaaaaah lol I don’t think she’s hot at all. Probably my least favorite character of the entire series. She looks so ugly during her death scene, like 17 beers ugly 😉

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