alt. timeline meeting

this came to me just as i was about to fall asleep after last nights episode which suprised me since i usually hate Sun and Jin episodes. However back to my main point i’ve read a lot of theories about how people assume our losties can come together in the alt. After last nights episode i believe we are heading towards it. I belive they will all meet up in the hospital. It looks like most of are people are heading there. First Claire is probably still there recovering. Miles and Sawyer just nabbed Kate perhaps they go visit Claire. We know Jacks a doctor, and sayid’s brother is also in the hospital. Last night Sun gets shot! i think all of our charcters will meet up in the hospital and realize they need to go to the island

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23 thoughts on “alt. timeline meeting

  1. Great observation, it seems that all characters are heading in the same direction. Maybe when they are all together they will have some sort epiphany and remember their time on the island

  2. Interesting. Locke could reasonably go there, too – and Ben … with his dad!

    Don’t know about Miles, but Kate/Charlotte/Sawyer could be goin’ there to clear up a nasty itch, or somethin’, too.

    Maybe that’s the Christian link …

  3. And perhaps Locke will change his mind and go to the hospital to get examined by Jack.

    Locke’s new pals Hurley and Ben will help Locke to the hospital.

    Are we missing someone? Desmond and Frank?

  4. Or, hmm…

    “A physician named Lapidus developed a technique for treating a condition of the big toe (bunions) caused by excessive bone growth.”

  5. That’s an interesting theory on the hospital connection. I have no doubt about Jack healing Locke because I also believe we are heading to a final confrontation between Jack and Flocke/MIB on the Isalnd in the war that has been promised.

  6. Wow, I can just imagine how that will play out.

    They will all likely recognize each other from the flight. I wonder where that will lead though. I wonder if Aaron will start to have some significance then…..

  7. This is a good post…

    Ive said before that I think the key to Locke returning will be Helen dying, as she did in the other time line from a brain aneurysm…maybe that is how he will end up there…great post!

  8. @A.E.S:

    I remember Matthew Abaddon telling Locke (in the original timeline) that Helen was where she was supposed (dead). That it was fate. I don’t remember the exact conversation, but it was something like that. So it makes sense.

  9. Damn good thinking Glaw…

    jacob also tells Richard that he cant give him his wife…maybe Jacob knows that even in another life…dead is dead…

  10. That’s a very good observation.

    But I don’t quite understand what business or purpose they have for reuniting together. The alternate timeline itself hasn’t given us any clues as to what the meaning of it is all about yet. Chances are it could be about nothing.

  11. I thought the same thing when sun got shot… Now, they are going 2 the hospital 2 meet up w/ Claire, Ethan, & Jack… I didn’t even think of Sawyer & Miles… excellent….

  12. Wow, this really is a fantastic thought! Although the real odds of them all ending up in the same hospital in Los Angeles are absurd, I think it’s very possible that the writers are heading in that direction! Where they take us after that is anyone’s guess…

    Charlie may also be there due to an overdose….?

    It’s interesting how they are all converging on the hospital… on Jack… always the central figure….. they all come to him (each for their own reasons)……

    When you think about it honestly, everything points to Jack being the pivotal character throughout the entire show, and be it happy, bitter-sweet or tragic, the end will no doubt have him at the center of the action…. No doubt!

  13. and Eko will be there coz he got a paper cut from his bible!

    But seriously cool theory, I do believe the hospital is around the corner!

  14. thanks for all the kind words about my theory! I think it’s great that so many of you have come up with reasons for other characters coming to the hospital and i now think it’s even more likely

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