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  1. What if MIB and Jacob are the same person. Sorta like God and Jesus(you know, Father, Son, Holy spirit). All different forms but still the same. Like gas, liquid, solid, plasma all different but still forms of matter.

    According to the Bible:
    Old Testament-God creates man, man sins. God in the Old Testament was more vengeful. He flooded the earth, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah etc. Skip to the New Testament, God sends his only Son(as I always heard it, but according every Christian I know we are all Gods children) to die for the sins of man, giving man the opportunity to repent in exchange for eternal salvation.

    Still man fails time and time again. War, moral corruption, etc. God may be “very disappointed in all of you.” what’s the point? MIB wants off the island and “whatever happens, happens..” Sounds like a vengeful God. Jacob is very Jesus like, he has faith in mankind. Also, notice how he had wine but all MIB had was water to give to Ricardo. To me that’s one big metaphor, I do not think Jacob is Jesus.

    Its like Jacob’s whole purpose is to maintain the balance of good and evil(remember the scale). MIB is out to prove man is evil and Jacob is trying to prove man is good. That’s the game. I dont think the candidates are possible replacements, more like contestants on a game show. I dont think Jacob was suppose to die, that was really just MIBs loop hole.

    Which brings me to my ending. Just like Jesus sacrificed himself to save man from sin. I think somebody will have to sacrifice himself to stop MIB from getting off the island. Ultimately, saving the world(salvation*) and maybe it will also be to save Jack in the process. I think this person will be Hurley. I believe he is the most good natured and most selfless of all. I think he will sacrifice himself to stop MIB(how???). Jack is already taking Jacob’s place. I agree with another post on here that describes the scene with Jack and Sun as Jack acting very Jacobish. I think with Hurley’s good nature, and Jack’s leadership ability, Jacob has found his loop hole and the balance between good and evil remains or is restored(“war has come”).

    Oh and who has any ideas about exactly where MIBs home is? He really wants to go home but where or what is home? I am clueless.

  2. Along the biblical line I had the feeling that Ben was sorta a Judas figure being used by Flocke to kill Jacob. When Ben was digging his own grave it had that feeling of the pauper gravesite and then Flocke comes and rescues Ben as payment for his murdering of Jacob.

  3. This is one of the better theories posted under my name.

    If it does come down to a religious theme in such a literal manner…this is a pretty accurate theory in my eyes.

    They could switch some things around in terms of which character represents which entity…just to throw things through a loop.

    Jack reminded me of John ala season 1, and when you think about it, John (old school Locke) reminds me of Jacob this year.

    He knows some people have to learn things on their own, and others need told what to do.
    He knows there is a purpose for them being there. And He knows he wants to STAY on the island…and oddly enough he seems to know Jack is important.

    Ive written some longer more confusing versions of something like this…minus the
    Holy Trinity…and including the devil as opposed to the examples you give…all leading to a very similar conclusion.

    I think you did a wonderful job explaining and presenting this.
    Ive again strayed away from the religious aspects, getting caught up in the current scenario…great job reminding us all of the ‘spiritual’ Lost…

    I love the “vengeful god” angle…I couldnt think how to explain it…and even though Kimberly posted a good thought a while back called “The Unholy Trinity”…I didnt put it together…

    Nice thoughts here…wow…I get to actually rate my own post!

  4. Although I am totally over the whole religous thing I do like one thing in your post. If you think of mib as god and Jacob as jesus then what you’re saying is mib has been on the island before jacob, like he was the original force on the island. I have always thought that Jacob had brought mib to the island and mib was like the first candidate ever. I like your idea that mib was there first before Jacob hummmmmm gatta think about this one

  5. Prettyheavysoul, I like your thoughts here. I was just thinking the other day that Smokey is sort of like God in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament He can be rather testy at times and rather violent.God had no problems with having the Isrealites wipe out other peoples.

    Jacob on the other hand is more like God in the New Testament, taking a more loving, peaceful approach.

    Nice job!

  6. Oh…I agree that Jacob was not supposed to die…but as opposed to it being MIBs loophole, I think it may have been Jacobs.

    Where we are at, if he isnt dead…then he never gives Hurley instructions. (If jacob is bad…it makes sense that he uses the person who many consider to be the only “good” person on the island).

    Back on track…
    MIBs loophole was most likely utilizing the islands time travel capabilities. Jacob was exactly where he said he was going to be on the beach in the season 5 finale.

    He brought the people to the island…granted he didnt bring Ben…
    But he did bring everyone else, and as Jack told Richard, and as John told Jack in season 1, Jacob brought them there for a reason…I want to believe that is is for the good of things.

    I want to believe that it is better to believe blindly in something…than nothing at all.
    I want to believe that MIBs disappointment doesnt lie in everyone following blindly behind Jacob. I want to believe that he doesnt feel sorry for Sayid for following blindly behind Dogens word…I want to believe that John “MIB Locke comes in peace…but I think Sayid is going to clean house…and shut down the pylons for a certain pillar pf black smoke to run rampant…and we may see Charles Widmores backstory through a classic lost flashBACK again…

    I want to believe that following behind Jacob, and having faith in something is better than free will.

    It seems Sayid is emotionless in the last episode. If there were no rules… No conscious/SOUL to guide us towards making the right decisions…”it may help people get through whats coming”…

    I believe evil would exist without morals or emotion. Emotion would be more of a command or action than it would a feeling.

    If MIB or whoever spread the infection…it would be ironic in a way in which they wouldnt even have to kill anyone…society would collapse in on itself, and humanity would self destruct.

    Sorry…a little off topic…

    But MIB as a vengeful god also makes sense when you look at it from a perspective of what Jacob told Richard, “Because I wanted them to help themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong without me having to tell them. It’s all meaningless if I have to force them to do anything. Why should I have to step in?”.

    If MIB is god, and he is disappointed in them…maybe He feels the same way that Jacob tells Richard he feels…
    Why should he have to say “HEY…God here…do what I say or you all are going to die.” Maybe I have it wrong, and MIB feels sorry for these people because they are infected…maybe if he kills them, they cannot become infected.

    Maybe if he doesnt kill them, and they become infected, they become part of jacobs Army of “alpha betas” in “A Brave New World”.

    The others killed Paul…then “LaFleur” killed the others.
    In exchange for not setting up shop for complete destruction of Dharmaville…Richard wanted Pauls body as a sign that they killed one of them to calm the restless natives.

    They take the dead body. At the time they are working for Jacob and the other ‘Others’ from the temple. They are either taking Pauls body to help Jacob use it, or prevent MIB from using it…all depending on the perspective of who is playing the roles off good and evil…

    Im very sorry again for straying off topic…this made me think about a lot of different things.

  7. I didn’t get to read this before the site shutdown for maintenance. Could you repost it as the theory isn’t there anymore. At least on my computer. Thanks AES.

  8. im also starting to think jacob didnt know he was going to die so if he didnt, what are the candidates for, well maybe it takes a certain person to KILL MIB and jacob has a list of such people who are capable of killing MIB??? sayid was a candidate but he failed?

  9. obsessedWlost- Like your thought. Has me thinking that if MIB was on the Island before Jacob, like God was their before Jesus than MIB is not all bad. Seems he does have a tender side, although its likely its for his own agenda.

    @ A.E.S
    First of all thanks for the blank post, second this little chunk you remembered..But MIB as a vengeful god also makes sense when you look at it from a perspective of what Jacob told Richard, “Because I wanted them to help themselves. To know the difference between right and wrong without me having to tell them. It’s all meaningless if I have to force them to do anything. Why should I have to step in?”.
    I cant quote the bible, but through what I was taught, being raised baptist Christian, God gave us all freewill, this is not to say I think Jacob is god but metaphorically, Jesus in this case, would likely have said something similar to this. Which is why, even with so many abandoning the religious theories, I cant cause they are still so apparant in the show, both symbolically, and in the dialogue.

    So at least to me there’s no doubt that there is some kind of religious theme going on but what I’ll admit I dont understand at all is the time travel side of Lost. Never been too good with science…Dont think I ever took a Physics class my entire life. This show however, has me curious.

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