Tsunami effects on the island.

I don’t know if anyone has referred to this earlier but the way the Black Rock arrived on the island still doesn’t convince me at all.
As we all saw in “Ab Aeterno” the Black Rock was installed inside the island because of the immense force of a tsunami. So far, so good. Since the Black Rock impacted the head of the Statue of Taweret, the tsunami wave would have an incredible height. So, I wonder how it wasn’t apparent any incredibly devastating effect on the island after the tsunami? The only effect we can see, in the first scene after the disaster, is the dragging trail of the Black Rock. With the amazing height that the wave had, the tsunami should have swept almost the whole island, and the scenario would be of enormous destruction. As a matter of fact we can’t see any evidence of the passage of a real massive tsunami on the island (there aren’t uprooted trees …). Is the electromagnetic nature of the island something to do with it? Like a protective effect? Or, as a scientist, am I being too careful?

Another thing, when Richard arrives to the beach to try to kill Jacob, it is visible a small trail of destruction (despite the great disaster) and part of the remains of the statue are around the left foot. But, when Ben Killed Jacob the remains were no longer around the left foot. My question is: Where are the remains now?

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I'm a Chemical Engineer disappointed about how badly Lost ended. Regards from Portugal :)

5 thoughts on “Tsunami effects on the island.

  1. Hi ilieintheshadowofthestatue!

    You’re totally right, there are many weirder things occurring on Lost but I think that the writers could have payed more attention about the details on the black rock arrival on the island.
    Another thing that is hard to me to accept is the fact that the Black Rock has succeed to break the statue but have not experience any apparent major damage.

    Concerning to the broken pieces of the statue it would be nice if they explain how they disappeared from the beach.

    I know this is superficial stuff but it somehow bothers me. :p

  2. If it was hollow, definitely it would be required less force to break it (but still I think that the Black Rock would be severely damaged) but apparently it wasn’t hollow.
    I think I’ll overcome it… with time 🙂

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