Egyptian Pharaoh

Around 1500 BC during the 16th dynasty of Egypt, a Pharaoh was born.  His name was Jacob-Baal.  Translated “Lord Jacob”.

Very little is known about this Pharaoh.  There is only hieroglyphics mentioning his name and that he was part of the 16th dynasty… 

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One thought on “Egyptian Pharaoh

  1. Many names (and words) that we are familiar with today via Hebrew and the Bible are of Egyptian origin. Egyptian was after-all, a Semetic language. A name you may be familiar with is Ramses. Which is translated as:

    Ra (sun god) mss (lifted up)

    So the Biblical patriarch Moses (lifted up from the river bank as a child, and lifted up by God to lead his people) shares the same name, and the same meaning of his name with the pharaoh(s) Ramses.

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