Thoughts on different things!

Ok, so, just watched e12 of s06. Few thoughts’ve crossed my mind.

First of all; the 815’ers flashing back memories in the alternate reality. I would not go as far as calling it imaginary, quite yet, though. Why? Think about it in my way;

– It all starts with the losties crashing in 2004
– They stay on the island for god knows how long (three years, was it?), and then move the island through time. End up in the 70’ies. Some get off the island (Jack, Kate, etc..)
– They live in the 70’ies for three years, and are eventually reunited with Jack, Kate, Sayid and the rest of the losties returning, only to find out the island is moved in time.
– Then, Faraday finds out he wants to eliminate the plane ever crashing in 2004, by detonating a highly radioactive hydrogenbomb over the electromagnetic pocket. He succeeds. What happens?

1) They are thrown back to the correct year, on the island, beeing 2004/2007 (cant remember)
2) The plane never crashes, therefor creating a separate timeline.

Here’s whats boggeling me, though; it is obvious the losties on the island, and the ones in the separate timeline is entwined, as they have memories of the island. You guys remember course-correcting? The universe correcting when you try to alter what’s allready happened?
WHAT IF! What if the separate timeline is the universe trying to correct the fact that Jack and the others tried to stop the plane from ever crashing? Considering the fact most of Lost is based on true physics, we have to assume detonating an a-bomb over an electromagnetic pocket would make up for a hell-of-a-lot of energy. What if the universe course corrected all this energy in a separate timeline?

Small note to this; talking to my science teacher about this (masters degree in phsyics, with spec. in quantums and radioactivity), he made this example; If you go back in time, and kill Hitler, the timeline will split, and the people here in 2010 would not see anything of it. Why is that? What has happened, has happened.

I’m not willing to forget that sentance, just because they blew up an a-bomb, and are flashing “sideways”.

This is from an old theory of mine, where I suspected Locke had to be reborn.

To take it all further, I think I have a possible explenation on why Locke’s got to bring them back.
This is what Jesus said to Nicodemus to convince him of his holiness:

Jesus’ miracles have convinced Nicodemus that Jesus is sent from God.
In reply, Jesus declares, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again”

Someone clearly has to reborn to unveil the mystery, and I’m guessing its Locke!

It’s fun to be right! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Thoughts on different things!

  1. I agree with you. Just like Faraday had Desmond as a constant, I believe that the true love with are seen in the atl reality is acting as a constant for those characters. After last nights episode I further think that neither Hugo or Libby where ever crazy, but perhaps more in tune with notion of multiple worlds.

  2. Taking it further; Libby and Hurley were never crazy. Even though, they were both in the same mental institute before the planecrash. Hurley because he thought the numbers were a curse, Libby – I really don’t know.

    Here’s the funfact; if we assume that the a-bomb going off simply made an alternate reality (continuing their old lives off the island, plane never crashed), wouldn’t Hurley have been in the institue before in the alternate reality? He just said he had never been in one, at all. Hmm..

  3. I think you will agree with me there is certain events that HAVE TO play out in both timelines. A few quick one off the top of my head are 1.charlie must die 2. Claire doesn’t raise aaron 3. Locke is paralyzed 4. Kate will run We’ve seen a few of these happen already. These are the whatever happened, happened.

    But other things don’t have to be the same like 1. Sawyer doesn’t have to be a con man 2. Jack doesn’t have to be without son 3. Ben doesn’t have to be a prick. These decisions were in their own hands and they can change. Farraday- “We are the variables”

    I like the post and have alot more examples that support it.

  4. “wouldn’t Hurley have been in the institue before in the alternate reality? “-

    Short answer- No

    Long answer- When the bomb went off in 1977 it split the timelines in 2. Every thing before 1977 is the same in both timelines. Everything after 1977 is split into 2 realities. In one timeline the island sunk(ALT), in the other it caused an incident and a button had to be created that had to be hit every 108 minutes which ends up crashing a plane.(orig)

    So as these two timelines proceed a certain amount of things have to happen and some don’t. Hurley was in the asylum in the 1990’s the timeline split in 1977. It wasn’t necessarily needed for Hurley to go to the looney bin so in ALT-he didn’t. but it was necessary for him to win the lottery in both timelines.

    Some things can change but some must occur.

    The writers are showing us from 2004 on but there has been numerous hints that the change goes back about 30 years when the timelines split.

  5. More examples while i think of them:

    Anna Lucia will die in the ALT because she was supposed to.
    Libby lived in the ALT because she wasn’t supposed to die- course correction.

  6. Actually Hurley was in the looney bin before the numbers thing affected him. He was on a dock that collapsed and it killed a few people, and he thought it was his fault because he was heavy. He learned the numbers from the guy at the mental institute that always would repeat them over and over. I think Libby was in there in the original time line due to the death of her husband, the man that gave her the boat that she gives to Desmond to use in the race.

  7. Great theory, I definitely agree that the alternate timeline is course correcting. The biggest example of this is when Desmond hit Locke with his car. In both realities Desmond directly and indirectly caused a “crash” of some sort. One was out of revenge while the other was out of resistance to pressing the button in the swan station. Similarly, I think Locke in the alt will be taken to Jack and his paralysis will be healed, thus correcting Locke’s course for the time being. Or maybe the writers are throwing us a curve ball and Desmond hit Locke in order to kill him and send his conscious back to the original timeline. We know this was the case when Juliet died because she said “it worked” as she faded in and out and obviously Libby had a much better idea about the island than anyone else. I think next week’s episode will be filled with answers based on the high quality preview with the creepy willy wonka song.

  8. Some have speculated that the Losties in the alternate reality have different lives than in the original reality only because they were never touched by Jacob in the alternate reality. I guess this is not enough explanation in the case of Hugo, who as far as we know did not meet Jacob before 2004. Of course there are many things in the alternate reality that are different compared to the original reality and I guess we have no strong reason to believe that all differences are directly related to active involvement from Jacob’s side.

  9. I don’t think Jacob is the difference between AR and OR. As far as we can assume, in the alternate reality (AR) there IS NO island. It blew up i 1977, as the reaction between the EM-pocket and the hydrogenbomb would unleash enough force to blow that damn rock into five quadrillion pieces.

    @Hugo and loonybin; true, totally forgot.

    @Desmond and running over Locke; I can agree with the fact Locke had to be run over, to synch the planecrash. Though, the intention is in my mind not revenge. After Des said “I have to show them something”, I think everything he does in AR will be done with the intention of bleeding through memories of the losties. He told Hurley to give Libby a chance, as he knew they had a connection – just as he had with Penny. Now, for Lockes crash, this is what I think; He runs over Locke after he has been shocked by the EM-generator. That shock leads me to believe he now has an almost complete insight in both realities. Therefor, he knows Locke needs to experience a severe crash to be cured of his paralysis – and thereby bleed through memories.

    Making sence?

  10. i think that hurleys imaginary friend from the institution is libbys husband. i think he was on the deck that collapsed with hurley. plus i think dhe said his name was dave.

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