Whispers explained?!

So we’ve been given sort of a mini-explanation of the whispers in Everybody Loves Hugo.
The whispers have to do with those stuck on the island..what about, for example, Frank Duckett?

Somewhere in, I believe, season 1 Sawyer hears “It will come back around” whispered, which Frank Duckett said to him after Sawyer killed him. From what I know Frank has never been on the island…so how can he be stuck there.’s either a cheap explanation, or it’s actually not fully explained yet….or something…

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7 thoughts on “Whispers explained?!

  1. Ducket #359, and so we go round again.

    Just kidding. Though we don’t *know* Ducket was *never* on the island, we do know Michael didn’t die on the island nor within its time-travel radius.

    And, why would Ben tell Rousseau to run when she heard the whispers? (OK, it’s Ben. He may have gotten a little sadistic glee from it.)

    And, why didn’t Hugo see any of the whisperers before?

    How many of ’em are there? Is *everyone* who did something wrong unable to pass over?

    What are these? The Island Whisperers – who get their wings (to pass over) if they can calm/train a Lostie?

    Can you get to Passover at the Temple?

    Geeze that was a lousy explanation they gave last night.

  2. I recently posted the following but I received no comments :

    “I believe that all the spirits of the people whom have died on this island are in a sense trapped on the island as is the MIB. I now think that the whispers we hear are these spirits talking among themselves. What if these whispers are actually attempts by these spirits to communicate with the Losties . This would explain why they are heard by the Losties when they are about to be contacted by the others or are in danger. As spirits they are not bound to one specific time period and have already seen events to come. It is my opinion that we will learn more from probably some of the losties we have already seen die. Hurley will continue to be a medium. Not all people that have died on the island can be cast as deserving to die. Some were probably good people and the MIB will probably have to answer for it.”

    I guess I was right. Its my feeling that these people will probably move on after it is all said and done

  3. Continuing on from your thoughts Skipdrocer, I think the spirits are bound to a person, and not necessarily the island. That would explain Frank Duckett for Sawyer, and also Michael essentially killed Hurley’s “soulmate” (cheesy, I know). Maybe these spirits/souls will always be stuck on the island as long as the people they are bound to are stuck on the island too.

  4. I really don’t think that was the answer for what the whispers are. It doesn’t sit quite right with me. At the end of Ab Aeterno, we see MIB listening in on Hurley and Richard’s conversation (it might be where he figured out that Hurley can talk to dead people). In addition to that, I think Michael was the first time that Hurley heard whispers before talking to dead people. These two facts together make me think that MIB is playing Hurley for the fool.

  5. Perhaps, even though Michael basically acknowledged Hugo when asked if he was “stuck on the island”, it’s a limbo for all those who can’t “move on”, even those souls OFF the island.

  6. have you ever read about the whispers on Lostpedia? They are very interesting, the ones that people have deciphered.

    I think during one whispers, Nikki and Paulo were talking……

  7. This explanation for the whispers is incomplete and there is further context coming.

    Rather than being trapped on the ‘Island’, Michael is more trapped in the island timeline/reality.

    All souls must wait for the ALT reality so they can be born again, just like Charlie, Charlotte, etc. That is why Duckett is also there. The term ‘island’ really just refers to Jacob’s timeline, i.e. ‘the island isn’t done with you yet’….meaning Desmond still has a role to play in the series of events that concludes with Jacob’s ‘only ends once scenario’.

    So in essence, Michael, along with Duckett, and everyone else who is dead, is waiting for their second go round.

    This explains why Ms. Klugh insisted that Mikhail kill her, why Hawking was so willing to sacrifice her own son, why Ben replied ‘so what’ with regards to everyone on the freighter dying….some of the Others are aware that a second life lies beyond death.

    So yes, the whispers belong to people who are in essence ‘trapped’, but they will be freed eventually. In the meantime, the whispers are their attempts to interact with the living, failing miserably until Hurley the ghost-talker came along.

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