When Its Over…

What’s going to happen when LOST is over? I mean to us? I don’t know what I will do with my time and crazy ideas anymore. I suppose we can start by watching all the episodes over again, but what will happen after that week is over? I guess we can pace ourselves and look back for any clues that are there or we think are there.

I’m sure more and more people will start watching LOST, but it’s not like they can post any “new” theories about what is going to happen. Maybe we can have discussions like “all my co-workers think I am crazy for talking about LOST so much” or “How can I be Daniel Faraday for Halloween and have people know I still dressed up?”

I planned on making my own Dharma Beer and officially changing my “goodbye” to “see you in another life, yeah?” No one really knows what I am talking about though. Are there any Charles Widmore’s out there that can buy an island for us to go live on? Maybe if we have a bake sale, 50/50 raffle or something we could get the funds.

Should we all get a new show? My vote is for Flash Forward. We could come up with theories for that; here is a quick one from me “When they blacked out they dreamt of the future, in episodes we are shown animals (kangaroo, butterfly, camel, crow, etc.) whose dream symbolism relates to the character and the situation they are in.” Enough about Flash Forward though, this is a LOST site.

I will just have to enjoy what little LOST time we have left and realize that I will never not know what is in the hatch or what the Four Toed Statue is. I will continue to watch shows and look for books and obscure references to find out if we are given a clue to the big picture. This is the best show ever and it only ends once…

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One thought on “When Its Over…

  1. Good question, I’ll tell ya though, there will never be a replacement for this show.

    We could start watching Flash Forward, and we’d immediately start comparing it to Lost. That’s what happened with me and Fringe.

    Another captivating show will come along at some point, and it will be in a class of it’s own, much like Lost is/was. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    Flash Forwards kind of sucks anyway. It started suckin after the first 3 episodes I thought.

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