They were supposed to die, sacrifices, and general brain dump

Written 14th April

Hello all, you will have to excuse my late night rambling, just a bit of a brain dump!

Let’s have a look at who we’ve seen come to the island:

The people on the Black Rock
The French team (Danielle and crew)
Desmond on Libby’s sailboat
The people on Oceanic 815
The people on Ajira 316

And Jacob stated that there have been others.

What if – all of these people were supposed to die. Not because Desmond stopped pushing the button, not because of storms and tsunamis supposedly caused by special magical forces to bring
these people to the island.

What if – the planes were meant to crash because sometimes planes just crash (engine failure, bad fog, etc), the boats and ships crashed or sunk due to bad weather just being bad weather. What if all of these modes of transport did fail and was meant to cause the death of all of these travelers.

What if – Jacob knows this – and rather then let all of these people die “immediately” – he (or any other forces) manipulated these inevitable events to occur near the island so that they would end up there with survivors of the crashes. We still don’t know what the island is yet and how it’s magical forces helped “save” these lives, but I suspect Jacob’s manipulations ensured that the people who were supposed to die in a life without the island/Jacob/MIB – didn’t die just yet. Jacob’s list of candidates, people who he watched all their lives, were people he knew were going to die as a result of these accidents.

Why do I suddenly think this? Because Desmond changed. We saw that Desmond experienced some sort of enlightenment with his second burst of electromagnetism. I suspect what he realised during that – is everything that we’re all waiting to find out. A part of that being, that he was supposed to die in this life (the original timeline). We know that he absolutely loves Penny and Charlie to death, they are his world. So why would he willingly get himself into a dangerous situation with MIB and get killed? Because he realised that his purpose, why he was kept alive, was for himself to use his electomagnetic/consciousness-shifting/constant-using powers to awaken others in the alt timeline. He is fulfilling his purpose in the alt timeline, so the island is now done with him. We’ve seen people fulfill their purpose on the island and then die (eg. Charlie, Michael, Juliet), Desmond was the next sacrifice. He knew that course correction would get him in the end, so, he just went along with it.

Desmond also knows and wants to fulfill his purpose in the alt timeline because his son Charlie does not exist in this other world. If his purpose is to assist and wake up others in order to help them “back to reality” – he is willingly doing this, not because anyone has told him or asked him to. If he doesn’t awaken everyone in this alt timeline, the alt timeline will BE the only timeline, and it will result in Penny/Charlie ceasing to exist as he knew them in the original timeline.

I read a theory on here (sorry, I can’t remember who wrote it!) that MIB “leaving” the island referred to him to getting to the alt timeline. I believe this to be true, I believe that the alt timeline was created “for him” in preparation for his arrival – but he can’t get there without taking Kate, Jack, etc with him. I think that this is where Eloise comes in. I think this part of MIB’s plan has been orchestrated by Eloise because she has made a deal with MIB ie. she did this for him, she gets to have Daniel alive.

I think MIB needed Eloise to help him, because he has tried for gosh knows how many years to get off this island. Eloise used her science/mathematical background to assist MIB to arrange this plan with the use of physics/time travel/multiverses etc (he couldn’t have done it on his own).

We might have found out that Eloise told MIB – “you need to recreate such and such event as best as possible”, this is why MIB is saying that he needs this person and that person, and he is going to hop on that plane. We heard Eloise say this to Jack in the infamous church scene, so maybe this is going to be one of those repeatable phrases that we know the writers love throwing at us.

My idea behind this is that they would hop on the plane, be in the air, the plane will hit turbulence/crash – people who are meant to die will die, and people who are meant to be transported to the alt timeline would be transported including MIB (in the same way we saw Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sayid transported into the 1970’s). Of course it won’t get to that, because the bad guy surely won’t win, right? 😉

I have a few more thoughts on this, but maybe leave it for another post because it’s way past my bedtime 🙂

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  1. lol yes I was rather tired when I wrote this and realised not long after I wrote it that Desmond was probably not dead.. but I’m still sticking by the rest of what I wrote for the meanwhile.. 🙂

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