How it’s all going to end

The key to the series was Season Five’s 16th episode, The Incident. This is how the show is going to end. Just like MIB can be numerous people (MIB, Locke, etc.) so can Jacob. So at the end of the series, I am unsure of how they will exactly get there, it is going to be new Jacob portrayed as Jack and new MIB portrayed as Locke. The two will be sitting on the beach just like in the episode, The Incident, and a new boat, plane, train or taxi filled with new people will be on their way to the island to start the process all over again.

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5 thoughts on “How it’s all going to end

  1. That is what I am still a little confused on. If this were all true then that would make the entire process meaningless. However, this would play into the day old saying that every thing in history will repeat itself…

  2. Yeah, I’m just not seeing the island continuing on in the same manner it has to this point. It would feel extremely empty if a “candidate” was truly only there to take over for Jacob, while crazy drama lasted forever on the island.

    That’s why I’m not believing what I’m hearing out of most of these characters right now. This show can’t end in such a boring fashion….I mean, what a let down that would be.

  3. From my post “predictions”:

    “We will see a scene with Fake Locke(MIB) and Jack sitting on the beach and the MIB will ask Jack “Do you know how bad i want to kill you?” LAST SHOT”

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