Two Observations

Adam & Eve (if I’m reading the foreshadowing correctly) will be Kate & Sawyer – In the Police Station in the ALT, Sawyer takes a bite of an apple and offers it to Kate.  Unless the writers are just having fun.

Claire didn’t die and become possessed, she’s just crazy.  If she did die and was taken over by the dark side she would not show emotions (according to Sayid) and she most certainly does.

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10 thoughts on “Two Observations

  1. Oooo….Good one. If that’s how it plays out (Adam and Eve-wise) Excellent catch!

    About Claire, I know what you’re saying. I noticed her emotions when she hugged Kate in “Recon”. It’s another one of those things where I wonder if it’s another inconsistency from the writers. If not, then Claire somehow didn’t die in the explosion and all the sudden becomes creepy smiley lady who appears in strange cabins and plays dollhouse with animal skulls. I just don’t get it.

  2. And regarding the Black and White Stones that Jack found in the Skeletal Hand in the Cave:

    When Jack becomes the new Jacob of the Island, he turns over the Stones to dear Kate with the explanation that “The Island is a Game between two Sides. One is Light and one is Dark. Like these Stones. I have to stay here and Play.”

    Kate takes the stones but responds with illogical ranting and states that “I’m leaving with Sawyer and Claire.”

    But Kate changes her mind and can’t leave Jack alone on the Island, and easily convinces Sawyer that they have to stay on the Island and play House in the Cave. Kate continues to dream about Jack for the rest of her life and dies with Sawyer on her side but with the Stones in her Hand.

    Stupid Kate.

  3. yeh, i didn’t notice the apple thing, nice.
    I’m still pretty sure the skeletons will turn out to be Rose and Bernard, but maybe thats what they want me to think, i dunno.

    On Claire, she’ll end up back with Aaron in the end in the context of the ‘story, she has to, and hopefuly not just in the ATL.
    In that respect i think you are right and shes just gone a little doolally as opposed to whatever Sayid is.

  4. Thanks for the Comments… always can count on Chiefy…

    Yea, I believe the writer’s could be F’in with us in regards to the apple thing. It was subtle, but kind of obvious after my 3rd rewatch (don’t know what I’m gonna do for two more weeks!!). What if by showing Sawyer’s stubborness in the real timeline and the apple thing in the Alt. is a foreshadowing to the point that Sawyer is never getting off that Island. Think about it, him and Jin have been on that Island since Season one. How many times has Sawyer been thwarted from escaping the Island??? Either by his own doing or other circumstances, but either way I don’t believe he’s ever getting off the Island.

    In regards to Sayid, I think the writers (through Hugo’s Anakin comment) were trying to hint towards the possibility that the darkness has not completely taken him over yet. I mean he only killed one of Widmore’s hoakies when he took Desmond, he could have killed them all – EVIL would have (even MIB questioned that). We also have to remember that its only really been a few days since Sayid was claimed. He still may have some good left in him… he was showing faint signs that emotions still existed within him during the last episode. A smirk is the sign of an emotion, and he did listen and respond to Desmond – if he was totally gone, he would finished Desmond off without talking to him.

    Which brings me to another theme that seems prevelant this Season “Don’t let him talk to you”. I believe Desmond is that powerful right now, he certainly seems “Jacob-Like” in the Alt., as well in the real time. Soon as he spoke to Sayid, he won him over.

  5. “Which brings me to another theme that seems prevelant this Season “Don’t let him talk to you”. I believe Desmond is that powerful right now, he certainly seems “Jacob-Like” in the Alt., as well in the real time. Soon as he spoke to Sayid, he won him over.”

    Ditto that! I think Desmond is Jacob’s replacement… And, that’s exactly why Ilanna blew up rather suddenly. She was no longer needed to protect the candidates, because Jacob already has his replacement.

    As far as the apple goes… Good catch! And, If I recall correctly that wasn’t the first time that Kate turned down an apple from Sawyer. There was another time right after they escaped Hydra island… I do like the idea of Sawyer being Adam, but not Kate as his Eve… I just don’t think the two should end up together. Not even in death. And, one could argue that by Kate turning down the apple may be a sign that Adam and Eve are not Kate and Sawyer…

    And, Kate once did toss an apple to Jack… while they were at the caves. 😀

  6. Sawyer is destined to be reunited with Juliet. It seems that the theme of love conquers all is a strong one. I have a feeling that Kate will be wounded and end up in the hospital and Sawyer will be at the hospital and see Juliet and have a feeling of recognition. Juliet will be there because of Claire. The hospital is key!

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