Flockes get out of jail card.

Flockes method of escape proves that the island is sentient or a machine. 

Think about. He is impersonating a dead man. Now everyone of the losties who has come across him knows instantly that he is not the real John Locke. Except for Claire who to be kind to is nuts, not evil. I know Desmond said he was John Locke when Flocke asked him did he know who he was, but I think Des thought he was yanking Flockes chain. 

For Flocke to get off island he said that they had to recreate the conditions of how they got there. The only reason i believe this is so is because the island must be able to see the human form but not the soul or spirit within. 

Jacob knows what flocke looks like. Whoever he is he took Johns body so he would not look like himself. After all he wouldn’t recognize his own reflection now. Maybe that’s what all the mirror stuff is about this season.  

Therefore the island must be either sentient or some kind of machine.  

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7 thoughts on “Flockes get out of jail card.

  1. to be honest daddyx, i havent got a clue whats going on anymore. Until we find out who MIB and Jacob are, who set the rules, what the rules are and the purpose behind the candidates (because im damn sure that they aren’t there to replace Jacob) its hard to guess wtf is going on!!

    everyone now seems to be lying, including hurley, MIB most definately hasn’t said anything truthful and i have no idea abouth Jacob.

    Maybe the Island is just an island. Maybe its what’s underneath or in the Island that is important. Due to the rules being mentioned and MIB (and probably Jacob0 having to stick to them, there has got to be someone else in charge more powerful than them

  2. There is that was going to be my next theory. Christian Shepard, an original time traveller went back thousands of years and had two children Jacob and Mib.

  3. maybe a successful operation and restoration of John Locke’s ability to walk again will disable Flock turn him back into Nemisis. Then he will join the young boy/young jacob as they sit by the ocean and it all starts again.

  4. You mentioned the island must be sentient or some kind of machine. I had a similar idea, and I wrote a theory that never saw the light of day a couple of weeks ago, where I went out on a limb and postulated that the island might be revealed to be a biological machine or a brain of some kind. I won`t get into rewriting the entire theory, but I compared the seeming duality of the island to the two brain hemispheres, and eventually suggested that perhaps MIB and Jacob are more or less humans possessed by two warring sides of the same brain. That kind of tied into any MIB and Jacob being the same entity theory. Perhaps the brain is actually the CPU or central nervous system of the planet itself and half of it (the rational scientific side) wants to destroy humanity and the other half has is able to view existence more abstractly and recognize the chance for redemption. By no means is this how I think the show will play out, I`m not remotely trying to make a likely prediction, just a crazy sci-fi scenario I thought I might try to re-mention.

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