Good old Faraday

Ok since season 5 this has reeeeally annoyed me. Eloise is pregnant with him in ’77. So when Faraday comes to the island in ’04 he is 27… Looks a bit older than that to me! So i gave his pre-ageing to the fact that he works with radiation etc. as being around that for so long can cause you to look older than you are.

However.. In the Alt. timeline, he looks the same age as he does in the real timeline, even though he’s a musician and has no contact (that we know of) with radiation.

Is this a casting error or do you guys think there’s something more?

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8 thoughts on “Good old Faraday

  1. Maybe ‘cuz his mom was like a million when she had him?

    Or, Widmore’s kids just age badly. Pen doesn’t look like a spring chicken. (How’d Widmore get off island to conceive her, anyway? The purge is abt. ’92, yet she’s all growed up by ’96!)

  2. Ahh but, all that was said is that he had a child with an outsider.. didnt say when and an outsider may mean someone from the Dharma.. they were outsiders to the Hostiles 😉 … Or am i just jumpin’ the gun a little here.

    OR! Maybe Widmores kids age backwards.. theres a possibility i never considered

  3. BTW: If it was a Dharmie … how come he was on the island all those years, but only a horndog abt. when the Losties traveled back to the 70s?

    Was that his Widmore-gidmore … and did he market it, too? If Widmore Industries is International – is that where the WII came from … and are MIIs just alts in Sidewaysville?

  4. I think it was a bit of a casting error. I hate calling it an error though, because I think whoever plays Daniel does a damn good job of playing his part.

    I see what you mean though, I’ve not seen too many 27 year olds looking like that.

  5. This is not new to television in the slightest.
    It’s no different than 25 year olds playing highschool students in numerous tv shows.

    Do we really need to explain why Faraday looks older than 27?

    Sometimes I think the lost community focuses on the wrong details. I’m way more intrigued by Sawyer offering Kate an apple than I am that Jeremy Davies looks older than 27. Maybe it’s just me though.

  6. Waycurious – i think you may be a genius!

    Cheif – I knowww! i hate to call it an error too, and i really do absolutely looooove faraday (or maybe the real guy).. I dont know, i just love the way he talks!

    risebysin – If i were to ask all the real big questions about the show id be posting a question every half hour LOL!

    And yeahh i understand they use older characters to play younger characters (or vice versa) but Sophia Bush for example was 25 playing the part of an 18 year old Brooke Davis (one tree hill) but she looked young enough to be able to do it.
    And besides, with LOST nothing is ever as it seems so i thought id just ask to see if anyone has any suspicions 😉

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