Locke and Sun arrive at the same time. Can’t be.

In Sideways life, it appears that Sun was shot the day after she arrived in LA and was taken to the hospital. And we see Locke in LA with Helen, and with Hurley and as a substitute teacher. As if Locke was in LA for many days. So has does he arrive at the hospital at the same time as Sun after Desmond runs him over?

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8 thoughts on “Locke and Sun arrive at the same time. Can’t be.

  1. Somebody on here made an amazing comment on another post about how the ALT reality is much like a dream in real life – where at first you wouldn’t know you were dreaming because it is your “normal/only reality” while you’re asleep, but then you start noticing that things are either too perfect or not right at all, but as soon as you do, you awake, or “snap back to reality”. With practice you can avoid waking up and then you might be lucky enough to lucid dream for a bit. Whatever this ALT thing is – it isn’t quite right, seems “pretend” as somebody else on here put it, so John at the hospital at the same time as Sun – is like one of those real life dream moments where the audience (not the characters) notices something isn’t right, and then you start lucid dreaming about Elizabeth Mitchell. No, wait, that might just be me.

  2. ScrollLocke, I guess that Keamy insisting on that he makes good eggs might qualify as a potential component in a weird dream. 🙂

  3. That is a great question, and I like ScrollLocke’s explaination to an extent. But I don’t want the ALT to be some sort of dream ’cause I think that’ll be a cop out.

  4. Another thing that supports this inconsistency is Jacks episode.

    His son had his piano recital in the evening of Friday 24th September (from the answer machine message), so it had been at least 2 days since Flight 815 landed before Jack and David patched things up.

    Now, I’m not sure how many days had passed since 24th and Jack going to see the lawyer (I’m assuming it was after he and David patched things up based on how happy they seemed together, and the fact that they found his fathers will on Fri 24th which was the first time they’d heard of Claire, and now they’re lawyer was looking for Claire… and now that I mention Claire the fact that she was there rather than still at the hospital etc. etc.), but Locke must’ve been knocked over on a weekday, meaning the earliest being Monday 27th September.

    But like you said, Jin and Sun arrive in LA on 22nd September, they spend the night together and the next day Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant etc. etc.

    So Sun gets shot on 23rd September, and Locke gets run over at the earliest on 27th September.

    So yeah, a major inconsistency OR like ScrollLoke said something that points toward the ALT being some sort of lucid dream…

  5. Damn, these are all great points – and I can’t believe I missed it. I thought about it being strange, but then again – it’s Lost!
    ScrollLocke – No, you’re not the only one dreaming of Jules;)

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