My theory on MIB & Jacob

I have a hard time believing that Jacob has always been so squeeky clean. Now I genuinely believe that Jacob is good, and it feels like he’s been set up as a Saint like figure or angel or perhaps even a version of God, but I think his backstory with MIB will reveal something else. So I have a few ideas:

Perhaps MIB and Jacob did used to be just men, but they became the way they were because of something that happened on the island. Now we have seen that the island has the potential for time travel and even has a ‘healing pool’ at the temple. Perhaps though there is a place on the island though that could bestow you with the ultimate of gifts; to become God. To have the powers of the Gods. Or at least great powers beyond out immagination.

supposing Jacob and MIB came to the island just like everybody else. And perhaps they learned from the cultures that had been there before them that all kind of wonders lay on the island, but there were warnings about messing with the islands potential. Now supposing MIB did used to be a man, and maybe he lost someone he loved. Now maybe in his grief Jacob persuaded him to try and obtain the power to bring this person back. But maybe Jacob was only acting in his own self interest. Maybe there was a place on the island that promised great power, but also a great curse. Perhaps Jacob set up MIB unintentionally, maybe they turned a wheel like at the orchid and MIB got hit by the curse and Jacob got hit by the God powers. Now for some reason the evil cannot trump the good, it’s at it’s mercy. So MIB is taken over by evil, loses his humanity and maybe even his body. He is a formless soul. Maybe Jacob realises the dangers of this, that evil wishes to spread. Maybe it infects the rest of their ‘tribe’ maybe Jacob has to kill them. Jacob resolves there and then that the power he wanted has come with the responsibility that evil must be kept in it’s prison. The island is it’s prison and Jacob is it’s master that it cannot kill. Maybe MIB wants to escape the island and infect everyone as a sort of revenge to Jacob, so that everyone is as empty as him and all the good goes from the world. Maybe Jacob realises that the only way to blot out evil is show it that the human heart is good, and if he can get MIB to see this then he can wipe it out forever.

However Jacob realises that one day MIB is going to find a way to kill him. He’s going to find a loop and a willing acomplice. So he begins to weave his own plan, so that it’s clear that Jacob can choose another to take his place. His never ending list of candidates. But supposing Jacob is weaving a tapestry that will take even longer to play out than MIB’s loop. MIB used time travel to secure him Lockes form, but maybe thats exactly what Jacob wants him to do, he wants him to take Lockes form specifically because John was such a man of faith and good and who believed. Then Jacob knew the incident would open up a tangent universe where Locke and his goodness still existed and that somone like Desmond and someone like Jack could then bridge the two timelines and what we find is Lockes consciousness being reborn in MIB’s body. I think the candidate is the person who will show pure faith in Jacob and I think it is Jack. I think Jack will be responisble for Locke being reborn inside MIB, and as such MIB will become trapped inside John. Locke will become the cork; he is both the new Jacob (protector of the island) and evil incarnate. They will be the one form at last. trapped in the one body.

I think this was Jacobs plan all along. I think he was a man who got curious about the island and let out the darkness by accident. I then think he spent the rest of his life trying to find a way to put things right. Not a saint or a God, just a man who had to redeem himself.


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