Eating Habbits

Notice that MIB doesn’t eat ever? Why?

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I am a lost fan, I think that is all you need to know.

10 thoughts on “Eating Habbits

  1. He ate a lot in season 5.

    I specifically remember a mango. Can’t prove he ate the pig he killed, but assume he did. Pretty sure there’s more.

    But, he does drink a lot of water.

    I think I have a theory!

  2. Except that I don’t remember him specifically eating the mango. I get the feeling he doesn’t eat ever. Maybe its just a filming error but it could be more.

  3. Mangos …

    “The dielectric constants for ripe and unripe mangoes are between 26.3 to 29.5 and 26.1 to 29.2 respectively” hey, this may just tie to my water theory! (and link to Faraday, too)

    “A dielectric is an electrical insulator that may be polarized by the action of an applied electric field.”

    The larger the dielectric constant, the more charge can be stored.

    Air is abt. 1, water abt. 80.

    Just thought I’d throw it out there (while we’re waiting for an episode).

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