“I have no idea what the hell you are” – “Sure you do”

Anyone want to have a guess as to what this means? I think we can assume that Jack knows that they are not Locke and that they are the Smoke Monster (sorry for stating the obvious) and MIB will know that Jack knows this.

So what the hell does MIB mean when he quite confidently says that Jack does know what he is? Should us viewers have guessed by now or what?

I mean could MIB know about the Alt universe (which is set 3 years previous to the original timeline) and the events in it? Could Jack have found out what MIB is in the Alt universe and that is what MIB is referring to with his claim that Jack does know what he is? (being as they are in 2007) if you see what i mean.

i really just don’t know.

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2 thoughts on ““I have no idea what the hell you are” – “Sure you do”

  1. And, He tells James that it wasn’t his house.
    Widmore tells Sawyer they didn’t kill those people.
    There are these types of facts, that seem like lies.
    Jacob can see into the future as a dead person.

  2. Part of me thinks that he is just telling Jack, “hey man, you know that loud noisy monster you guys are so afraid of? Yeah well that was me.” But part of me is like others that believe there is more to it than just that.

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