Can anyone answer any of these?

It’s obvious now that not all the mysteries and endless questions that made LOST so phenomenal are going to be answered…Before i rant, I’d like to say that I believe the producers have had most of the story, mythology and eventual character arcs in their mind since the start…the black and white duality has been there since the start…backgammon, chess board, charlie’s chess board shoes…Claire’s dream in season 1 where Locke appeared with one eye white, one eye black…the idea that John Locke turns dark was there in the beginning…the statue was there since season 2…still haven’t told us why it’s been built…I hope that comes to the fore in the next episode…the runway on hydra island was there as a purpose etc…

HOWEVER……………….can anyone help with any of this lot?


That obviously wasn’t Walt…however, Man In Black can only appear as dead people…what’s the explanation?

Unfortunately, this business with Walt, I think, is one of these mysteries that they’ve really messed up with…an idea that they had, then they realised they didn’t have a reasonable conclusion to it so scrapped it.

However, I think there are some things the writers haven’t found conclusions for because they either don’t know how to answer it, or can find no satisfactory way of answering it.

Here are just some of those instances.

(1) Man Behind the Curtain – who was it in the Cabin that said “Help Me” to John Locke?

My thoughts is that their idea for Jacob changed at some point after this and have just decided to abandon what happened here…at the time, it was a marvellously spooky scene which has been somewhat let down now we’ve seen Jacob as a full fledged human being who lived in a statue.

(2) The Cabin – Why was it built? Who was being kept in there with the ash circle surrounding it?

(3) Christian Shephard – Why did he appear in a suit at the beginning but then in a casual unkept clothing? Was this 2 different Christian Shephards?

(4) Who gave the order to kill the Dharma Initiative? Ben says it wasn’t his decision? This may be answered in the coming episode after Across the Sea.

(5) Walt’s clairvoyence – Why is Walt so special? Why did the Others want him off the island?

(6) Why was Libby in the mental institution?

(7) What are the numbers significance? Other than the bit about the cave numbers being attributed to some of our characters, it hasn’t answered anything!

(8) Vincent? Was he ever MIB?

(9) Sayid’s demise – it’s my view that they had an idea with Sayid going all zombie, realised it was a stupid character arc, and dealt with it by killing him.

(10) The fertility issue – was this just introduced to give Sun’s character some relevance??? Poor Sun and Jin have been peripheral figures for a long time now…not my favourite characters but i was hopeful they’d be there till the end and get a happy ending.

(11) Flash Sideways – Is the reason so much of the flash sideways stuff is mundane because they realised it was a silly idea about 3 episodes in, lost heart for it, but had to just put it out there because it was too late? It seems that this story line is to drag out the overall story a bit longer…I’m still hopeful there’s some purpose to this which does seem likely…however, I was expecting it to happen in ‘The Candidate’…

Just by watching Lost at the moment, you can tell so much of the work has been hastily re-written and put out there…it seems rushed and lacks cohesion…in saying that, many of the episodes have still been brilliant…such a shame that they seem to have run out of time to answer everything…or they’ve just ran out of ideas!!…

They are plenty of other mysteries out there that they’re not going to answer because they don’t have a satisfactory conclusion.

I’ll still be very sad when this is all over but I don’t think the writers have handled this last season as well as they could have…

The quality in writing and dialogue has taken a nosedive since the high points of season 4 and most of season 5.

Other things not handled well:

Illana – seemed like a decent character to introduce…a bit of eye candy…they gave her a big billing as a protector of our candidates…they ran out of ideas of what to do with her, as she seemed to get in the way of precious screen time our Losties should be getting so she goes BOOM.

Adam and Eve – now look like it’s going to be Rose & Bernard…the clothing was 30 or 40 years old when found in 2004…seems likely to be them as they were running around in the 70s with Vincent…while i like Rose and Bernard, they haven’t been integral to the overall plot of LOST so I think it would be underwhelming if it were to be them…I, of course, am only speculating so could be wrong.

The Numbers – Why do they appear at random times all the time in the real world from season 1 to 5? Is there a purpose to it? Or is it just a running joke by the producers?

The Compass – I read somewhere Carlton Cuse (producer) saying we will get a resolution of this paradox…you know, the one where Locke and Richard passed it back and forth several times to one another in different timelines…there’s no way of telling who had it first…a chicken and the egg scenario…they say this was important…seem to have ignored it now

Walt popping up everywhere – Was this ever explained?

Time discreprancies – How did the doctor wash up on shore before he was killed? Faraday alluded to it that our perception of time wasn’t what it actually was…then never explained it again.

Miles – Other than his quirky one liners, his significance has been dilluted somewhat as they seem to have abandoned his special abilities in communing with dead people and gave this role to Hurley…

The Others – If they were the good guys from the beginning, why did they kill some of Oceanic passengers? If these were Jacob’s people, surely he wouldn’t approve the deaths of some of our Losties? And why, if they knew all along they were in a battle against the Smoke Monster, didn’t they just tell the Losties
about what it was?

Dogen – Surely the worst character ever introduced in to LOST? His cryptic talk was so mind-numbingly boring and cheesy. His fight with Sayid was great, though.

Sayid – One of my most loved characters…bad ass, complex, intelligent, competent, brave, loyal to his friends…reduced to a walking zombie in the final season…how sad? I would’ve thought that he would be one of the least likely to fall in to the hands of a manipulative smoke monster…

Kate – She still exists! She’s done nothing noteworthy in 3 seasons except tease Jack and Sawyer…Titus Welliver (original Man In black dude) has impressed more in 3 scenes than Kate has in her entirity.

Michael’s attempts at suicide – Was it ever really explained why he couldn’t turn a gun on himself and pull the trigger? Was it the island that prevented this? Jacob? What?

What is the island? We got some cryptic nonsense from Jacob explaining that the island was like a bottle of wine…the cork was the island preventing smokey from being released…the wine is the smoke monster trapped…fair do’s…but that doesn’t explain all the other island mysteries like how Locke could walk? How the island came to be? How it can move in space and time.

FAKE LOCKE – Was it explained why he cannot change disguises anymore? Illana somehow knew that he can’t change form now…why?
Why could he appear as everyone and their granny before but now is a bald middle-aged man? Is this just so the brilliant Terry O’Quinn gets a prominent role?

I’m sure there’s more…like I say, they’ve had a lot of the story in their mind since the beginning…however, they have been winging it as they go along at several points…they’ve introduced so many different mysteries and different questions that they forgot they only had one more season to answer them all and are now running with the line:

(paraphrase) “We won’t be answering all the mysteries before the end because that would spoil the essence of Lost”

More like…”We have no idea how to answer most of the mysteries we presented so won’t bother”…A bit of a cop out…

Still, it’s been emotional!


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8 thoughts on “Can anyone answer any of these?

  1. Wow! That’s a huge post Des Is The Man!

    Can I put my two cents worth on only a few of the above and post them seperately?

    1- Your assumption that MIB can only only appear as dead people has not been born out in any episode, has it? Why couldn’t he appear as Walt? Why couldn’t he be anything to anyone? Perhaps he chooses to appear as someone who cannot contradict that appearance later? In other words, you show up to Jack at the moment he is falling off a cliff in order to save him. You choose the appearance of John Locke. Later that day Jack says to the real JL “Thanks for saving my butt back there!” and gets a blank, weird look. This can lead them to asking too many questions.

    If you appear as a ghost or a halucination of someone who is dead or who has left the island, they will not be able to question it.

  2. 2- The cabin

    I am betting that MIB got into Horace’s head as it were. Maybe he infected Horace and got him to build a cabin and lure Jacob into it. Then Horace laid down a circle of ash around the cabin, trapping Jacob inside. Then Horace got Ben to initiate the purge (this would have been in 1992) leaving Richard and Ben in charge of the “hostiles” or “others” but without Jacob’s guidance.

    I think there is ample evidence that Richard did not have the benefit of Jacob’s leadership for a very long time before flight 815 crashed and he blindly followed Ben. Ben, by his own admission, never actually met Jacob. How could this be?

    We also have many encounters with Smoke monster and his apparitions (Christian, Yemi) while someone is trapped in the cabin “Help me!”) When someone breaks the circle of ash (I am guessing Hurley, when he stumbles away from the cabin) Jacob is released and MIB as Christian can enter it and con Locke and Claire.

    I feel Jacob must have been

  3. 4- ? Walt.

    Walt has an effect on electromagnetic fields (as witnessed by birds being disoriented and flying to him). If he could control this power on an island that has the most powerful magnetic fields and phenomenon in the world, who knows what he could achieve? Inversely, if he does stuff without the proper control, who knows what scary damage he can do?

    Walt may yet appear on the island, having mastered his gift, to play an important part in the story’s resolution.

  4. 11- Flash sideways

    The first episode aired when at least 6 were in the can and 2 more were shot and in post-production, so the flash sideways is not something they would have thought “dumb” 3 episodes into the season. Maybe fan reaction started setting in when they were 10 to 12 episodes into production.

    Personally, I love the flash sideways concept. Far from being a waste of screen time, I feel that this Alt reality shows aspects of the characters we would not otherwise have seen. It shows us that Miles and Sawyer could have gone the other way into legitimacy, if one had had the presence of a father(Chang)in his life and the other had not been “touched” by Jacob and nudged into a course of revenge. Sawyer is very much like the Batman. One nudge and Bruce Wayne could have been the Joker.

    Until the Desmond episode “Happily Ever After” I could only rely on my trust in the writers to bring it all to a happy conclusion. But since that episode we have seen the Alt people developing an awareness of the 2007 reality. Where that’s going is still not quite clear, but it IS going somewhere. No use panicking because there is not enough time left to tie everything up.

    When I am reading a really good detective novel or a suspence thriller and I realize there are only ten pages left and we still don’t know the identity of the killer, I just figure the author knows just what he wants to say and Whatever happens happens.

  5. I agree that Darlton have copped out in a big way by stating flat out that they will not answer the questions they have brought up in the show.

    They are pricks and should be put to the question before they can get away!

    I keep saying lets start a campaign to boycott the season 6 box set dvd unless they put in an in depth documentary about the background of the island and answer the top 108 questions they could not get to in the show.

    If we hit ABC where they live, in their pocketbooks, they will exert pressure on the writing team to come out and be foreward.

  6. I dont understand setting the cross up before the show is even over…how do we know what will and wont get answered with four and a half hours left?

  7. I have heard that the producers dont intend on answering every question and never have, and i dont mind that too much. I recently complained about this on the site, and someone responding by saying it will continue to make the show interesting. If they answered everything flat out i dont know if i could go back and watch the entire show without being bored. I remember when the first season came out, and everyone was freaking out, trying to pick up every little clue on the show and read so far into things, but if you really just go back and re watch eps. you pick up little clues and can answer a lot of questions yourself. Now on the flip side, the questions you posted (for the most part) are some of the biggest and i feel at the very least some need to be answered, i just hope its not answered in the same way as the whispers.

  8. how about stop complaining and use your vast show knowledge to logically answer these questions, like:

    It was MIB saying Help Me in the cabin to Locke as part of his Long Con plan.

    Walt is a special kid and the Island and its properties enhanced his abilities. He got off the Island and the Island is apparently done with him. But it showed the craziness that could go on and prepared us for even weirder stuff.

    I don’t think Horace really built the cabin because I think it has been there much longer (perhaps Rose/Bernard’s cabin?) but it was a place to keep Jacob safe from MIB at one time until the ash got broken and MIB took it over to fool people into thinking it was Jacob (his long con on Ben).

    I think Widmore wanted the Dharma dead and this is from MIB (we will probably see this reveal).

    Vincent is a dog (although he did seem to be watching the Losties in the first couple episodes)

    The numbers represent the candidates and part of the valenzetti equation (although this didn’t come up in the show).

    Llana is a Jacob warrior and I think we’ll find out tonight all the people Jacob has been involved with!

    Adam and Eve – just to introduce the white and black stones?

    Flash Sideways – either the real world or a branch in time created by The Incident and we are seeing course correction at work.

    Fertility issues – probably from Jughead fall out

    Sayid proved MIB wrong (or was the first) that someone with dark leanings can still be good, check jacob.

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