smokie and the loophole…

is everyone or anyone on this trail of thought?

when jacob throws mib into the light, the smoke monster comes out.jacob finds mibs body and places it beside his mom and the losties finds them years later…..mib is dead, so it cant be him jacob is stopping from leaving the island…its the smoke monster (what or who ever he is) in mibs body.

smokie seems to have to live by mibs ‘rules’ while he is in his body, now he is in lockes body which means he can leave the island……changing bodies was his loophole so he now lives as locke, but i haven’t figured out why he didn’t use christians body or anyone elses body to leave…..


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10 thoughts on “smokie and the loophole…

  1. I believe that when Jacob throws MIB into the cave, MIB’s body dies but his “soul” for want of a better word morphs into the Smoke Monster. MIB BECOMES the smoke monster not the other way around. Don’t forget Jacob asked his fake mum “if you go in the cave do you die?” (or something like that) and she says “no, much worse” this says to me that MIB didn’t die, he became something much worse, a pillar of black smoke that is chained to the island. He has the ability to take the form of different people but also his former self.

  2. I think the smoke monster can’t leave the Island as long as the Island is being protected, not matter which body he possesses. The “rules” the smoke monster has to abide by also applies to him no matter which body he possesses. I think what happens to the smoke monster is that he may take on the personality or “memories” of the body he chooses (as in Lock’s “you can’t tell me what to do” line he says to young Jacob or MIB’s “you don’t know how badly I want to kill you” line to Jacob), but I think a smoke monster is a smoke monster is a smoke monster. One of the candidates remaining has been deemed the new protector of the Island. My bet, of course, is on Jack. As long a Jack is around, smokey is not going anywhere.

  3. I agree with mrs Shephard. I see no difference in powers between the different forms that MIB has taken on. Only the difference is in point of view and the manipulation of Ben to kill Jacob,

  4. I do agree that the smokemonster takes on characteristics/thoughts of the body it inhabits but to me the smokemonster is still MIB, but just his soul fused with the monster. The mother said she made it so Jacob or MIB could never kill each other. She also says that going into the light would be worse than death. As his body went into the water his soul was forever trapped inside the smoke. If Jacob can never kill MIB how does he do it? He kills his body but not his soul. MIB could never again be inside his own body. That is why MIB at some point after this said in a previous episode that Jacob had “stolen his body”. Eternal life trapped in this horrible cloud of black smoke in my opinion would qualify as being worse than death.

    If the smokemonster was simply just a monster it would kill Jacob in a second. It cannot do so because it is part MIB who can never kill Jacob.

    As for the loophole to me it was just about getting possession of Lockes body because of his status as a chosen leader. As smokey set everything in motion to obtain Lockes body he knows that Locke is considered a leader for the island. Locke is one of the very few who can request an audience with Jacob and hence one of the few with a chance to kill him. Locke is able to demand him and Ben being allowed into the foot and then have Ben kill Jacob. MIB does this believing that he has already killed off all the candidates so once he kills Jacob no one is in his way. Notice that when the killing of Jacob takes place the 6 remaining candidates are all in the 70s. MIB assumed they were all dead. Once Jacob says “Theyre coming” he realizes there is still more killing to be done before he can leave.

  5. You know what…this actually makes some sort of stupid sense.

    Its obvious that he wanted Johns body to kill Jacob…but I would guess that if Ilana knew he couldnt change forms again, than smokie knew it too…

    My only problem is that if it was that simple, why didnt he just do it with Christian, as you said, or someone else…

    BTW…why is it that MIB cannot change forms now that Jacob is dead?

  6. What i believe is that when MIB fell into the light he left his body. He bacame the smoke but he was still MIB. That means that even if he takes Locke’s Body he cannot kill Jacob.
    That’s why he had Ben kill Jacob.

    And as we know, the smoke wants to leave the island just like MIB wanted…

  7. Jacob’s brother needed to copy someone that had extreme importance and influence. Locke had already established himself as a leader and a prophet to Richard and the Others. Jacob’s brother used this as an opportunity as he exploited John’s drive for purpose resulting in his death, ultimately allowing Brother to copy him and “become” John. He couldn’t do it with Christian’s form or any other because John was special. Using Locke’s form gave Brother access and influence which he used to:
    A)get Richard to take him to Jacob
    B)convince Richard to let him AND Ben inside
    C)get Ben to kill Jacob

  8. jacob seems to have stayed the same as he was since mother was killed. maybe there is a condition about the death of the protector and the form of the candidates.

  9. There is something that is really bothering me now that they have “explained” where the rules that bind Jacob and MIB come from:

    How did their mother make the rules? Why? And if they do exist, then I believe that there is a contradiction here, heear me out ofr a moment: Jacob threw MIB in the Source of the Island, MIB body was found DEAD afterwars by him, and the smoke monster came out of the Source. We asume that MIB SOUL got trapped forever in that smoke thing (that is “worse than death”), and that MIB BODY hot killed with the assimilation of the light/source into MIB.
    So, Jacob in fact did kill him! Come on, what rules? The thing is that now that MIB is dead (don’t come with me with stuff about his soul being alive hahah, come on, the body is dead, the soul is in the black smoke, that is dead to me), he cannot kill Jacob becuase he is dead and most likely becuase he is the protector of the island (as soon as he drunk the “whine” from that bottle he became inmortal and the official protector), thus he cannot kill the protector or somthing like that. But it is not that they cannot kill each other; Jacob killed him, that is why he cannot kill MIB now in our eyes (there’s no reason on him dying again isn’t it?).
    Thoughts? Answers in the rules stuff?

  10. @IslandCork: MIB is not dead my friend. He just got out of his body. He can still talk to people and live through someone else’s body. He is not dead.

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