Kidnapping Children/Smokey and ‘The Light’

I guess we know why the children were being kidnapped by the Others now…they are potential candidates to replace Jacob…think about it, Jacob and MIB were raised by ‘mother’ because she wanted them to be kept away from people who are corrupt, greedy, who fight, destroy…by taking them as babies, she prevented the children from growing up in a culture where they could fall in to these dark ways…she was raising them so they would never fight each other, never be corrupted or enslaved by the need for power, conditioning them for their future role to replace her as the protector of ‘the light’…

It’s a little ironic that she says she was protecting them from such things…she basically lied to them about who they were, where they came from, took away their freedom, to suit her own end…she was fed up with protecting ‘the light’…you could say, she cheated them and manipulated their futures…these character flaws are the very things she claims she was trying to protect them for…this makes me a little suspicious about who she was…I guess we’ll never know.

Fast forward 2,000 years and notice Jacob is also putting this in to practice…The Others take Alex from Rousseau as a child…the Others attempt to steal Aaron…they steal Walt…they steal those 2 kids that Cindy watched over in Season 2…these kids are taken before they grow up in a society where corruption and power enslaves men…it didn’t work with Alex because she had Benjamin Linus as a father figure!! Walt was too powerful to be conditioned and – therefore – dangerous to the security of ‘The Light’/The Island…notice that Jacob is a pretty ordinary guy…he wasn’t special as such…’Mother’ favoured MIB…he was ‘special’ and had ablities that Jacob didn’t posses…but what she came to realise was that for the role as protector, you must first of all have the fortitude to be able to do it a long time…a meat and potatoes kind of job…a mundane existence to serve a greater good…

The kidnapping of the children was always – in Jacob and The Others’ minds – to protect them from the evil entity of the smoke monster, and to prevent the children from growing in to what all men before them have become.

As Goodwin puts it:

“We give them a better life”.

It is also for Jacob’s selfish own reasons, to replace him from a job he’s now sick of…but, to his credit, he may have foreseen his death coming and is trying to get someone in place to protect the island and stop smokey from leaving.

Jacob has to keep his options open with regards to who his successor could be…it’s a risky business to pin your hopes on a fully rounded human being as they can be manipulated, they can be treacherous…they have baggage…lucky for him, Jack is stepping up…I think John Locke – as a meat and potatoes kind of guy (he said so himself in season 1) – was who Jacob thought it would be…Jack is more of a leader…however, John was manipulated by smokey and too weak and desperate to find purpose that he couldn’t fulfill the role…he placed all his faith in the island because it cured his paralysis…he no longer felt broken and enslaved to the chair…his desperate search for meaning made him susceptible to ‘coersion’…remember this in his flashback in ‘Further Instructions’…we all thought it was a pointless flashback but it served to highlight John’s weaknesses…despite the amount of times Ben tried to kill him, manipulate him, or hurt him, he kept putting faith in him in the hope he’d find out what he wanted to know…ironic, that he put all his faith in the island and became a slave to smokey, eventually…however, John Locke served a purpose, and he is the reason Jack is where he is now…

By taking young children, they can be nurtured, prepared and conditioned the way Jacob was…they can also be protected in the Temple from Smokey and be taught what smokey is so they can never be manipulated by him…

Notice a recurring theme, though…anyone who gets too close to ‘The Light’ are murdered…The crew in Across the Sea, The Dharma Initiative, The U.S Army in the 50s, The Freighter Folk…who is giving these orders? Hardly seems like something Jacob would want…but it doesn’t add up because he’s the one who’s protecting ‘The Light’, and therefore, should do what he can to prevent anyone from going there..although, did the Light go out when MIB floated in and became the Black Smoke?
I think ‘The Light’ was liken a prison for the entity of Smokey/darkness…it overpowered it and prevented him from leaving…but with man’s intrusion, it could escape…and that’s what happened when MIB floated right on in…

Side note: Since there is lots of Egyptian hierygliphics (sp) on the show, something got me thinking…in Egyptian mythology, wasn’t there 2 Gods who fought an endless battle? Was it Horus and Set? Horus would win during the light hours of the day…but when darkness descended, Set would win against Horus…perhaps ‘The Light’ is like Horus…because of the unique properties of the electromagnetism at the cave, smokey was trapped there as ‘The Light’ was too overpowering for him to escape…no darkness descended at that particular part of the island inside the cave…

With MIB’s unfortunate entry in to the cave, it has released the smoke monster…evil that must not be allowed to leave the island….I wonder if by returning to the ‘source of the island’, the Losties can trap smokey there once more…maybe that’s how it will have to end.

I think this is why Desmond is so important…because he has been exposed to so much of the electro magnetic energy – and survived! – he is a major threat to smokey…Desmond is potentially the one to bring an end to smokey…notice the light when Desmond turns the fail safe key…this is what I think Desmond’s destiny will be…he will, in essense, be the Light that traps smokey again…not literally a light, but he will be a walking, talking light, that has the power to trap smokey…episodes titles like “FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES” which can be attributed to light were Desmond episodes…a bit of a stretch I know…but what you think of rest of theory?


Please note: I’m not suggesting that Smokey is the Egyptian God, ‘Set’…I just thought that with the hierygliphics we’ve seen in ‘Dead is Dead’ of a smoke monster battling an Egytian God /man (not sure what it is) with an outstretched hand, this may have been some sort of direct or cryptic reference or just an interesting parallel i noticed..

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6 thoughts on “Kidnapping Children/Smokey and ‘The Light’

  1. DesIsTheMan,
    you’ve got some great thoughts here..reading through this helped me sort out some of mine. I’m kind of a Jacob-is-good believer, so this might come out kind of bias.. When you said “Fast forward 2,000 years and notice Jacob is also putting this in to practice” and all the examples you gave, I tend to believe none of those examples were Jacob’s plan all along.. I see a big difference between Jacob method and his Mother’s method of choosing a successor; Mother’s was kidnap a child, raise in isolation away from evils of mankind, and that child will be the successor. Jacob’s method is select a pool of candidates, allow them to pass tests which prove themselves worthy as the successor. I think i understand now, this might be Mother’s realization just before her death; her plan was to raise one child as her chosen successor; but she raised twin brothers, whom in the end the successor will be the brother who was NOT her original choice.

  2. Yeah, you’re probably right what you say regarding Jacob setting test for his pool of candidates…I do still think Jacob’s intentions are good…I just think, like his ‘mother’, he would get frustrated with the role, and look for a replacement…he’s simply modified his ‘mother’s’ practice a little

  3. bobt: Furthermore, though, you say Jacob selects a pool of candidates and offers them tests…this is true, but the Others also kidnapped children…like his mother did to him…so who’s ordering these kidnaps if it isn’t what Jacob has asked for? Jacob doesn’t give orders but he’s handed down lists of the people he needs…he may not have ordered the kidnaps but in accordance with his lists, the Others had to get the children some way.

  4. @DesIsTheMan
    Yes, that is a good question of who is ordering kidnaps…even the lists, I question Jacob wrote them..The only list I’m convinced Jacob did write was the list in the Ankh Dogen broke.. the other lists, since they were hand written in pencil (and not encased in an Ankh!), were probably written by somebody giving orders in the chain of Others command; people like Charles Widmore, or the lady who punished Juliet in Season 3… The Others were just weird folk, I believe Jacob just stood back and let people go with their hearts when they believed in something like protecting the island, that’s who I believe the Others were. The only person who knew how to contact Jacob was Richard…

    I really have no basis for what I’m saying, it’s just what I believe..It’s where I believe the show is going..

  5. Small flaw here. Widmore was not told to take Alex from Rousseau. Matter of fact, Ben’s orders were to kill them. It was Ben’s decision to take Alex, cause he couldnt bring himself to kill a child, or maybe just didnt see the purpose of it. When he tells Widmore that he saved teh child, Widmore tells him, “if the island wants her dead, she bloody well will be”. Or something like that.

  6. I’m starting to think Richard’s been the protector of the island since he gave the cup of wine to Richard in the 1800’s. This was his pennance to avoid hell , with the wine bottle smashed – there can’t be a replacement.

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