Proof that Locke was not MIB in earlier seasons.

A lot of people keep theorizing that Locke became taken over by the smoke monster when the plane crashed or when he saw “the light”. This just cant be possible.

For starters, MIB never bleeds when he is shot in this season, however when the shrapnel hits johns leg he bleeds out. Also when he is shot and healed by Richard Alpert. Also when he falls down the well. Come on people.

And when John Locke leaves the island, why wouldnt that be MIB set free? Because it wasn’t MIB. Hell, Ben killed him!

And the last bit of evidence is THERE IS A BODY BELONGING TO THE REAL JOHN LOCKE rotting in the ground on the island. MIB doesnt take over a body, he replicates it. Hence two John Lockes in season 6.

Please correct me if Im wrong, but Im truly surprised how many people are believing Locke has been MIB all along. Just crazy.

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18 thoughts on “Proof that Locke was not MIB in earlier seasons.

  1. I agree, Locke wasn’t taken over by MIB in the earlier seasons. But the body evidence doesn’t really prove anything since we now know that there is also an MIB body on the island.

  2. Yeah I agree as well.. Locke was always Locke until Ben killed him and Smokey took his essence. I’m commenting here fresh from posting my “Who Do You Miss?” post, so I’m feelin’ a little Locke-lonely. Poor Locke.. I hope he finds a way from the ATL to the Island to reclaim his purpose on the Island.

  3. I suppose I can agree, you make some good points. I’d like to know how John knew what he knew though. Saying things like “It’s gonna rain in 60 seconds.” Or “This isn’t supposed to happen”. This has all been talked about A LOT for years. But I don’t care, it’s almost over anyway.

    In the first few seasons, were we just seeing how John was “special” just like MIB said he (MIB) was? MIB proclaimed he knew things (the wheel, channeling water and light) because he was special. What the hell does that mean though?

    There’s got to be more to this because sure, Locke wasn’t always MIB in disguise like you posted. But something was up with him the moment he crashed on the beach. I don’t see how there can be any argument there.

  4. I have to agree with you as well…the only thing that really throws me off is in the pilot, or Tabula Rasa, John is sitting staring out into the ocean, with a look on his face that is almost scary…Ill try and find a pic or link…

    But either way I agree with you…

    The simple fact that we see interaction between John and the monster several times, off the top of my head, when he lets him look into the “eye” of the island…when he is dragged into the hole, and Kate and jack help by dynamite…and when Ben ducks into his little room, and smokie attacks and kills the freighter folk.

    Its crazy to think they were BOTH the monster in those scenes…in all honesty, anything could happen, but that just doesnt make any sense.

  5. YES!! John Locke was not the smoke monster early on. Smokie downloaded Locke and got a read on him early on then started the Loop Hole plan in motion. Locke is “special” like Jose/MIB and that is why he is in tune with the Island. That is why the Loop Hole was so clever and why it worked because Locke was the perfect candidate and this allowed Smokie to kill Jacob and get to where we are now. What they didn’t count on was the real John Locke’s effect on Jack and his ability to turn Jack into the new Candidate to take his place.

  6. Of course u r right about Locke not being smokie until the body came back on the Ajira flight.

    But perhaps john Locke in season 1 is flashng like Desmond. This is why he knows its going to rain, walt burnt the raft etc etc.

    Because this has all happened before. Desmond saw/felt the future. Why cant Locke?? Jack and the others are also starting to feel it in the sideways universe.

  7. I agree, JacobsDoubleWide. I bet the moment that Smokey figured out John was special was in Season 1 when Smokey and John came face to face and John, instead of feeling pure terror, had the opposite reaction…”I looked into the face of the monster and what I saw was beautiful”…or something to that affect. Bingo. Smokey had his sucker, right there. Game on. Loophole opportunity identified.

  8. Not to mention that Flocke thanks Jack for bringing back Locke’s corpse to the island so he could complete his plan……I was amazed people actually thought Locke was possessed by Smokey way back in season 1.

  9. I can understand what people are thinking I guess. there is a scene in season 1 where they are burning the bodies in the plane and the episode ends with a shot of Locke and the flames rising in front of his face and he looks evil. The copy this scene right after Jose/MIB pushes a stabbed Jacob into the fire pit. It was cool they brought it around like this and it’s as if they knew they were going to use Season 1 Locke as a patsy for MIB/Jose. They wanted us to know right away that Locke was different than everyone else when it came to the Island, he had a connection and I believe he was supposed to be the Candidate (like the Mom thought MIB/Jose would be the Candidate) but things changed both times and then Jacob became the protector just as now Jack is going to become protector. That is the wrench in Jose/MIB’s plan, Locke before he died changed Jack into the man he is now and now he is ready to take over, Jose/MIB didn’t count on this.

  10. Once again, I agree with you.

    Locke did everything in his power to keep everyone ON the island (blowing up the sub, killing Naomi etc.) He knew the island was special, it allowed him to live out his “walkabout”.

    Also, Smokey as Christian was the one who told Locke to move the island. I don’t see how that scene would’ve been relevant (or possible) if Locke was Smokey as well.

    The whole point of brining dead Locke back to the island was so MIB could do what he did. If he was Locke all along there would’ve been no reason to do that.

  11. As i just posted on my “so ive been watching seasons 1” thread. I dont think locke was smokey in season 1 either, not sure why so many people misinterpreted what i was trying to say in the comments. However, i do believe that locke wasnt just a regular person. if you rewatch season 1 you catch all these little things about how crazy in tune he is with the island. he is also trying to “help” all these people like charlie and boon. It’s like he is trying to prove that no matter what their bad deeds are (like charlies drug addiction), people are ultimately good inside. Doesnt that sound like something Jacob would try to do? (probably not explaining myself very well here, read my theory if you’d like)

    anyway, no locke is not smokey in the beginning but he is also not the same off island locke either, there is something more to him.

  12. I completely agree. Locke was a man of faith as Jack is now. MIB was a man of science. Now he’s a smoke monster of science that looks like Locke.

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