Another “Whispers” episode

Written 12th May

I know they still have time to elaborate on things, but I have a sinking feeling the writers/producers will not give any further screentime to things they’ve “explained” (like the whispers – why are they even trapped on the Island and not elsewhere anyway?) A few more examples from Across The Sea:

Jacob and MIB can’t kill each other because their fake mother “made it so”. Riiight.

MIB knows how to make the (as of yet unfinished) donkey wheel, manipulate the electromagnetic energy etc. because “he’s special”. Sure.

Fake Mother knows all about the light, that it needs protecting, that touching it would be worse than death because…oh wait, that was never explained. Perhaps her predecessor told her as well?

Anyone else find the episode a bit overhyped? They answered about a third of the questions I thought they would, though perhaps I was foolish to expect so much from one episode. And when talking about someone else you wouldn’t always say “him” or “your brother” – you’d say his bloody name! I have a feeling that it’s gonna be the last word uttered on the show…”Hugo” would be good. They can both see dead ppl after all…

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