Dagger & Stabbing Smokey Question

Written 13th May

First of all you have to buy into the belief that Jacob’s mother was also a ‘Smoke Monster’  Anyone else wonder how the hell she pulled MIB’s body out of that well?  Filled that well back up?

Or how she told Jacob that what was down in the light was worse than death.  I assume she knew b/c she had gone down there and also became a Smoke Monster.

But I just really have a hard time believing that the key to killing smokey w/ the dagger is that he can’t talk first?  Lost is so complex and then we get this?  But it appears that when MIB stabbed her in the back she didn’t get to talk to him but then again maybe she purposely didn’t want to say anything and let him sneak up on her b/c she wanted to move on and now she found a replacement which is why she even thanks MIB.

it also makes me wonder how the hell she came to be and what her backstory is?

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One thought on “Dagger & Stabbing Smokey Question

  1. Agreed. And something tells me that Jacob was also a Smoke monster. I say this because in one of the very first episodes of LOST (if not the very first) I have the impression that we see two “monsters” in the jungle since the losties keep looking at both sides (right and left) repeatedly just like if they were watching two entities battling each other in the middle of the jungle.

    I really believe that right there is the first time we see Jacob and MIB fighting for the candidates.

    Besides Jacob also dies by being stabbed and not shot and he also had the “magical touch” something that we clearly see that MIB also had since he practically revives Richard.

    I think that special abilities are only granted to those who got in touch with the source/light. And all of the “protectors” got in touch with it at some point. Mother, MIB and Jacob.

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