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Written 14th May

As I’m sure many of you do, I was Googling things we learn from Lost, trying to do some research, looking up “light” and I came across this so I thought I would share it:

I particularly like the references to:

– Electromagnetism
– Theory about the physical origin of light
– Hans Christian Oersted (Hans-O? 🙂 )
– Deflecting the needle of a magnetic compass
– The 1800’s (to those out there that thought – as if those people & Jacob’s bro had the know-how to build the donkey-wheel back then?!)
– A mechanical source of energy such as a hand crank, a windmill (a donkey wheel?)
– Faraday’s Law

The science itself went completely over my head lol but there was enough in there to make me go “ooo”.

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