Theory that it will end satisfying the least number of theories

Written 11th May

So I spend nights reading theories all across the internet since I don’t have any friends that watch Lost, and every episode leaves me on the !! ‘what do you think!?’

And In my experiences so far, I truly think the writers may try to satisfy the least number of theories to make the story line a big hit. At the same time I think they will leave it open enough to make all of the scientific and religious fan theories still hold water.

I know they have already filmed the last episode. . . and watching Across the Sea had absolutely no surprises whatsoever after reading so many posts on the interwebs.. but as for the big *”ending scene”* everyone is trying to predict. I think, and hope, it will throw us off the edge of our seats.

Because, really. . . The reason we all love Lost is all from the thrill of the times we felt that way before. I hope the season ends with us all re-evaluating the entire show.

(which I am extremely hopeful it does… after this much! As an example, suffering through Mulholland Dr. and having my mind completely blown during the last 10 minutes and not being able to function at work for a week while trying to ground)

Is that too much to hope for. . . or do you all see it specifically punching an underlying plot.

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