The Many Faces of the Smoke Monster

This is going to be quick and somewhat related to my last theory Men in Black 3.

Jacob’s brother has made it his mission to leave the island. He’s close to discovering the exit but he’s not quite there. He uses the curiosity of man to manipulate them into working for him to discover a way to use the island’s energy to leave the island. He did it before his soul was ripped from his body and he became the smoke monster and I think he’s done it since. First he used the men in black to develop the mechanism behind the frozen donkey wheel… the system of water and the light. Even though construction of the device was interrupted by his mother, obviously the wheel was built later anyway. It doesn’t seem that this did it for him though, since he’s still on the island.

Since that time people have come to the island… as far as we’ve seen though they’ve mainly come to be destroyed by the monster. There are some notable exceptions though, namely the Others, the DHARMA Initiative and select Losties. The monster seems to scan people when he comes across them… he did it to members of the Black Rock crew before he killed them, he did it to Mr. Eko… I think maybe he’s scanning them to judge their usefulness. Can they help him further his search for a way off the island? Can he manipulate them? Usually he kills them because they prove useless or maybe he decides he won’t be able to manipulate them… maybe he discovers that they’re protected and can’t kill them. For example, the smoke monster scanned Richard and decided that he could be manipulated, which is exactly what the monster did… he sent him to kill Jacob.

Now, I believe that the DHARMA Initiative was working for the smoke monster without realizing it and yes, Radzinsky, I’m looking at you. Think about how fanatical he was about the Swan Station. He was adamant about keeping it secret from the Others but at the same time didn’t worry about the threat of the monster while he and his crew was working outside the protection of the sonic fence. I think the fence was just there for show. Obviously it does work against the smoke monster, we’ve seen that… Jacob and later Smokey both have people working for them who can walk through the fence safely though… Richard and Sayid…

The smoke monster has a secret way into the barracks, through the closet. I believe they used that so that the monster could meet with DI leadership… Radzinsky and maybe even Horace and Chang. Radzinsky is the one that really sticks out to me though.

Here’s the crazy part. I think that good old Stuart may actually be the smoke monster. Maybe not all along, but at some point at least. Maybe Radzinsky died during the battle at the Swan construction site and the monster took his place after that. The DHARMA Initiative went ahead with construction of the station even after a nuclear bomb had been detonated there and that tells me that someone was very determined to see that thing through. At least one of his people was saved from the purge in the Swan Station so even though Jacob killed off his people (like his mother did, once upon a time) he’s able to continue with his plan. He knew that if the DI got too close to something Jacob would kill them but I think the people in the Swan are somehow hidden from Jacob. From inside the Swan as Radzinsky he’s able to manipulate Kelvin Inman. He put the fear of extinction in him if he stopped pressing that button, then he left. What happens if the monster shoots himself in the head? I’m guessing probably nothing permanent. So he ensures that there’s someone there to keep pressing the button then he heads out to work on other parts of his plan…

That’s what I got. I guess it wasn’t as short and quick as I thought it would be.

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30 thoughts on “The Many Faces of the Smoke Monster

  1. I like the idea that the MIB was communicating with characters in the story all along, but I don’t think Radzinski was ever the smoke monster.

  2. I think your forgetting the big splash of blood on the wall or ceiling of the hatch where Radzinsky blew his brains out. I won’t rule out the possibility that the DI were indeed manipulated into working towards the goals of the Smoke Monster but I can’t give any credence to the idea that Radzinsky was the Smoke Monster himself. A total prick but that’s about it.

  3. I don’t know… I don’t think the spash of blood is beyond the abilities of the smoke monster. Seems like he should be able to pull off this sort of ruse to me.

  4. Interesting theory. Do we really know that the sonic fences stop smokie? I think the juries still out on that one. Sayid did turn off the generators at Widmore’s camp before smokie went off on them, but we also saw Ben’s Mother appear outside his bedroom window which was far inside the fence line.

    I think you’re right that smokie has been pretending to be people on the island for a long time. My guess is that he’s pretended to be Jacob for most of Ben’s life – leading him to do what he wants and setting Ben up to eventually kill Jacob. A good question would be where was the real Jacob if that was happening? I have to assume that anyone who can appear to Kate, Sawyer, Jack and Locke at just the right moment in time has a pretty good idea what’s happening in his own home (ie. the island). So if he knew what smokie was up to, why didn’t he do something about it?

  5. The splash of blood is proof that at one point Kelvin Inman had a body in there to deal with too. Sure a splash of blood could be faked easily enough but a body too. Seems too intricate and pointless a ruse for the Smoke Monster to hatch. He could just as easily have just left than plant a whole suicide scene. I wouldn’t put it past Radzinsky to have been infected, but again I don’t see how/why the Smoke Monster would need to dupe Kelvin Inman in such a manner.

  6. Who knows? It’s just an idea… but he needed to be sure that Inman would stay in the station and press the button…

    We saw the fence work for Juliet when Smokey was chasing her… Smokey has a way into the barracks if it’s opened for him so maybe his man on the inside let him in to appear at Ben’s window…

  7. It’s impossible to rule anything out. I like the idea that smokie was Radzinsky in order to persuade everyone to do his bidding. I also agree Smokie could’ve been anyone.

    But how can someone that believes that this is possible, say that Jacob and MIBs foster mother was FOR SURE NOT Smokie?

    I’m asking because a lot of people are convinced that there was no way in hell that “mother” was Smokie. I’d say there was much more evidence to support that she was, rather than wasn’t. I promise I’m not trying to change the subject, I wanna know if I’m missing something.

  8. I think that Jacob sending his brother into the cave was the origin of the smoke monster. It didn’t exist before that. Sure, it’s possible that she was the/a smoke monster but I don’t see the evidence.

  9. Chief the most compelling piece of evidence that “Mother” was not the Smoke Monster was the fact that world hadn’t ended and evil didn’t appear to be raging everywhere. I mean if the Smoke Monster is in fact some entity that is merely using the identy of MIB rather than being MIB itself then what is the point of this whole story. If Mother was the Monster then that means the Monster is seemingly more evil than MIB appears to be because it removes his whole “wants to get home motive”. The Smoke Monster then becomes this entity that fully and completely is evil and has no motivation beyond destruction.

    If this is the case then why do we care? The story is pointless because if Mother is the Smoke Monster then the Smoke Monster essentially has no purpose to the story. It doesn’t seem to pose any threat to humanity beyond people who wind up on the island, which in the grand scheme of things is pretty minor.

    Ultimately, if we really think we are getting an answer to that question we are ultimately wrong. Just like the warning at the beginning of the episode every answer will lead to another question. The simplest answer here is that the Mother was the protector, whose job she passed to Jacob. MIB becomes the Monster because that is the fate worse than death. It’s not impossible to believe that the Monster possibly existed before MIB was thrown into the light because Mother was there to keep it in check. But it does seem impossible to believe that Mother was the entity that was pure evil and that she could some how endow the powers of keeping herself in check to Jacob.

    Sorry for ruining this theory with my elaborate explanation.

  10. I like the idea of DHARMA being Smokey’s “Others”, but I whole-heartedly reject the idea that he was ever Radzinsky. About the DI helping Smokey out, I previously thought of Smokey simply allowing them to conduct their work for his own interest, not that they were “contracted” by him or anything. However, the presence of a sonar fence around the barracks and the LACK of fences at other stations raises the question as to why.

    DI’s story about the fence around the barracks points to Smokey, which means they knew about him. If they knew about him and how to “stop” him, then why not have the fences at other locations?

    Another thing that always irked me; Ben’s secret door and the water-plug. DI built those barracks right over the tunnels and the water-plug and had a special entrance built into that one house for it. Seems odd.. like Smokey told DI to build the barracks there or something..

  11. Metaldude – Are you a Lost writer?

    Explain what happened to the people and the camp that she destroyed. Explain the well that was filled with dirt. She had the same exact thoughts on humanity that MIB/Smokie has with that line we’ve heard a million times by now, and there’s a good possibility she was TRAPPED on the island much like someone else we know. She even said “Thank You” when she was stabbed as if that was her release from the prison.

    You say, “The Smoke Monster then becomes this entity that fully and completely is evil and has no motivation beyond destruction”. I would add death to it, but yeah, I’d say it’s a EXTREMELY real possibilty.

    It’s cracking me up that people think they know Smokie’s real motives, and how it works. I must have missed a season or two.

  12. The reason I don’t believe that Mother can be the Smoke Monster is because I know that she was the Protector, whose role she passed on to Jacob and Jacob (and his candidates) are what keep the Smoke Monster on the Island. The only solution I can think up where Mother is both is a scenario where her version of the Smoke Monster, is different from MIB’s version of the Smoke Monster.

    If a Smoke Monster existed on the Island prior to Jacob and MIB then something must have kept it there otherwise we’d face the end of humanity. Unless they are lying about that. I’d give you that the writers could be throwing us a curve ball by making us think that MIB/Smokie wants to leave but if his motivation is merely destruction (and death – the destruction of life duh) then what is the point of the show. This Smoke Monster just chills on this Island killing people who come to it? Why all the games with Jacob? Why does Jacob need to prove it wrong if not for the clear connection to his brother?

    I really believe that the Smoke Monster’s origin occurs at the exact moment MIB is thrown into the light. That is why they chose to show us that critical point in the story rather than a more distant point in the backstory. This is and has always been about the game between Jacob and his brother not Jacob and some thing that’s always been on the Island for all time and is sometimes both the Protector and the Monster.

    There is decent evidence that Mother is something supernatural but she doesn’t have to be a Smoke Monster to destroy a village and collapse a well. If that’s the only belief then it’s a rather short sighted one. If you can make it so people can’t kill each other or seemingly come and go from the Island or make it so people can’t enter your home unless they are invited then who knows what other sorts of powers she had. She was clearly very cunning so I wouldn’t put it past her to have killed all those people. As for filling in the well? Maybe what you perceive as completely filled in is what was meant to show simply having been collapsed.

    As far as “thank you” goes. We’ve already seen that Jacob was an unwilling candidate. Didn’t want to assume the post of Protector. We’ve also seen that Richard has grown tired of his eternal life. Is it so hard to think that perhaps Mother was also an unwilling candidate and had grown weary of her eternal life. She had already passed the torch to Jacob so her role in life was complete.

    I’ve provided some answers for you, now I’d like to see you throw down some answers Chief. Seems you like to throw down all pessimistic but I want to see you tie up your loose ends.

  13. Something else to think about is the parallel between the destruction of the village on the island of way back… the men in black that mother destroyed and the DI… if she was able to do that because she’s a smoke monster then wouldn’t it seem more likely that smokey killed the DI? How would that fit? Their research was going to benefit him! It was Jacob who killed the DI using whatever powers he has by being “the same” as his mother…

    I agree with metaldude… when we saw Smokey coming out of the cave we were seeing his origin.

  14. metalhead – I have no answers. I, like you, only have what we’ve been shown. I agree the origin of the MIB Smokie was at that moment at the light. I was just under the impression that there could be more than one smoke monster. Let’s assume the light’s been there forever. Is MIB the only one that’s ever came in contact with it?

    Forgive me for just speculating like everyone else on this entire site. It’s what we do here.

  15. You just jumped from Mother is the Smoke Monster to perhaps Mother is another Smoke Monster, which I think is at least a more plausible theory. I was arguing that there’s no way Mother is the exact same smoke monster as MIB becomes. To call it Smokie as you did indicates you are speaking of the same entity. If you’d gone with that from the start we could have avoided this whole debate.

    I think the fact that Mother knows that going into the light leads to a fate worse than death would actually be a hint that perhaps this has happened before. That along with the paintings on the wall of the temple, which appear to be Egyptian hyroglyphics. Clairespeanutbutter pointed that out in another theory. That would have happened long before the time of Jacob and MIB appear to be in.

    My issue with Mother being a smoke monster as well as protector is because of the obvious clashing of motives that comes with that situation. We also must realize that a smoke monster is basically untouchable in corporeal form. We see bullets bounce off of it and daggers penetrate without blood. Using the “don’t let him speak” argument doesn’t really fly because Mother has spoken to them since they were born. I also took “Now we are the same” at face value. Meaning if Mother was Protector and Smoke Monster then Jacob too would have become Protector and Smoke Monster.

    I think that a smoke monster probably once existed on the island at some point before MIB and Jacob, especially because I believe that everything goes in circles so even this battle between the Protector and the Smoke Monster has happened before between a different protector and smoke monster. Of course, we’re not going to see any of it and we’ll never really find out what Mother was beyond what was shown but to me it makes more sense that she was the Protector and only the Protector.

    I theorized that the way to defeat the Smoke Monster would be to become a smoke monster yourself but as the Protector. Maybe only a smoke monster can kill another smoke monster. Since the job of the Protector is to prevent people from getting to the light and becoming a monster that can end humanity but to become that monster yourself you’d be bound to the Island by yourself so essentially you’d be neutralizing the power. That seems to me a sort of bitter sweet ending with someone stuck for eternity with a fate worse than death, his own humanity lost but with the rest of humanity saved, bound by himself to save the world, and protect the island.

    Not a huge fan of you hiding behind “speculation”. I’ve seen you poke holes in other theories and I think speculation is fine but if you are throwing ideas out there for others then you are looking for feedback. If however you choose to post in an abbrassive manner you are gonna get direct responses.

  16. Yeah, I took pretty much everything the mother said at face value, mostly because we don’t have six more seasons left to unravel 30 or so years worth of lies. I think she was telling the truth and not running a long con on the boys.

    I think that becoming the island’s protector brings with it an understanding of what the island is… a very intimate understanding which could explain how she knows what the light is and what would happen if someone came into contact with it without actually doing it or seeing it done.

    As for killing the smoke monster I think that maybe it can be done by one of his own people… Just like Ben was able to kill Jacob and the candidates are able to kill other candidates… or maybe it can only be done by someone truly given over to the island and Ben is able to do it because of his lifelong dedication to it or because of his healing in the temple. At any rate I think it’s highly likely that Ben is going to kill him but I think it would be much cooler if, in the end, Sawyer sacrifices himself to kill the monster.

  17. Metaldude – Not sure what I ever did to you. maybe your one of those kids I made fun of in 3rd grade. Your need to argue is fun to have around, but you’re really judging my manner on this site quite a bit, and I’m not appreciating it.

    If you’ve been watching every comment/post I make like you’re basically saying, you’d know the last theory I bashed was one about white smoke. You wouldn’t poke a few holes in one of those? It’s funny that I never see you on here, then outta the blue you’re giving me crap for speaking the truth every once in a while.

  18. Highbrow – Any ideas as to why she “indirectly” gave them them game knowing it was just the beginning of a long feud between them? I just didn’t trust here because she had some serious issues.

  19. The game illustrates their relationship, yes. Light and dark. Not necessarily the light killing the dark in a fit of rage then the dark returning to the island in the form of a pillar of black smoke which will then spend millennia plotting the destruction of the light. That’s a bit convoluted if you ask me. Not to make light of your argument… I can see it’s merits and admittedly, it’s very Lost-like.


    I think her intention was for the light and dark sides to be represented on the island by these brothers. She intended for them to preserve the balance and protect the island together. Creation and destruction, life and death, good and evil. Each is necessary for the other to exist.

    The mother was balanced and I think that is what makes her such an enigma to us. Is she the light or the dark? Where’s her other half? She doesn’t have one, she’s both. The roles were split when the boys came to the island. Now they need replacing. Jack has replaced Jacob and I believe that Ben will replace his brother. After last night’s episode I believe that Ben understands the importance of the balance and that embracing his role as the darkness isn’t necessarily a rejection of the possibility of redemption. I think Sawyer will kill Adam and he’ll sacrifice himself in the process.

    I can’t keep on topic today…

  20. I can see how you could think that she was balanced just by herself. She seemed to want what was best for the kids, most of the time.

    But when I see a bi-polar disorder of that magnitude (smiling followed by murder), I become afraid of that person and automatically refer to them as twisted, and of an evil nature.

    I’ll admit, I’m thinking too “Lostish” about all this. It’s something that’ll never get answered, and it’s really kind of pointless (I’m well aware). The thing that keeps us thinking about her intentions though is just how unclear they were. Sure, she probably just wanted to pass on the torch. But she did it in a very twisted fashion since Jacob’s birth. I guess that’s just evidence of good writing.

  21. Chief, I am one of those kids you made fun of back in third grade and I am one of the lost writers too. It’s that attitude right there that got me all riled up. Eliminate those little quips from your posts and you won’t come off as abbrasive. You won’t be projecting ridicule on other people’s comments.

    You suggest that perhaps I have been reading all your posts when in fact I haven’t but I have read enough to know that you’ve also poked holes in other people’s speculations. So when you chose to hide behind that after you were called out was just blatant hypocrisy and I had to call you out on that too.

    Highbrow, I think you are bang on with the whole light and dark thing. It’s been the whole theme of the show since the beginning so why stop now?

  22. Alright Metaldude, I’ll cool it with the remarks. But “poking holes” in people’s theories is what it’s all about. It’s what it’s ALWAYS been about.

    If every comment I made was “Great thoughts, I really like this theory, and I think it’s a possibility.”….. Metaldude, I’d be hated more than I am now. There’s nothing more obnoxious than seeing someone post a comment on your theory, and you know damn well they’re being nice in a very fake way.

    I never try offending anyone unless they strike first. When I asked if you’re a Lost writer, you should have considered that a compliment, as I was just really impressed with your spelling and grammar. K, I’m an ass.

    Again though, poking holes is how people learn WHY their theory isn’t 100% awesome. I call it constructive criticism. I really can’t recall the last time I made fun of someone because of a theory though. Aside from Wharfrat, ’cause he’s a pure douche.

    Highbrow, if you even care, sorry for this argument in your thread. I can’t resist sometimes as I’m sure you’re aware by now.

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