Did Widmore commit suicide?

Correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t Widmore and that chick with him have escaped from Bens house using a secret passage.

Where did Miles go? One minute he was there the next he was gone. Did Widmore and Ben pull a con job on Smokie.

I hope that this show hasn’t really been all about a light/source of energy or goodness that needs to be protected. This strikes me as a very weak premise and conclusion for this show. The writers could have picked a
million better ideas from some of the theories on this site alone.

Okay I know it’s not about a “light” I get the metaphor. If this is the case then it seems to me to be either dumbing down the finale for mass market appeal or evidence that they really were making it up as they went along.

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8 thoughts on “Did Widmore commit suicide?

  1. I really don’t think Widmore believed that Ben was going to roll on him like that. Yeah, perhaps he should have, but I don’t think that he actually did, and perhaps foolishly so. I think Widmore believed that Ben was going to die, as that is what Ben was prepared to do and perhaps what Widmore assumed was going to happen. The only reason Flocke knew Widmore was where he was was because of Ben. So if you assume that Ben is going to die (as Widmore perhaps did), then who is around to tell Flocke where he is hiding?

  2. I’m not sure Locke needed Ben in order to find Widmore… he should already know about the secret room since the summoning pool is in there.

  3. Some peole think Widmore very easily could of had a bullet proof vest on perhaps?

    One thing is certain and that is that Ben isn’t letting that island sink.

  4. dont forget miles. can talk to the dead, and hes still around for some reason. might get widmores last thoughts (including more of the whisper) and other dead people

  5. Really good thoughts ekolocation. I agree, Miles is still around because its ability will be required… maybe to get any vital information from Widmore about Desmond’s utility.
    Anyway, any idea about where in the hell Miles is?

  6. Didn’t miles go sprinting into the forest when he heard locke was coming? I think that was just an excuse to get miles out of there so he didn’t die because he will be needed in the finale.

  7. I thought that Ben and Widmore couldn’t kill each other for some reason? If true and Ben knew it, could it be that Widmore is still alive?

  8. Sanderbender, i was just thinking the same thing, Ben could’ve easily killed Widmore that time he appeared in his bedroom, but said he couldn’t (i think), so i wonder what changed the rules for Ben?
    I also just realized, its a bit like when Ben saved Locke from killing himself, than as soon as John mentioned Ms Hawking, he strangled him…

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