Lost is back to it’s best!! Better late than never i suppose…..

I do think that the series finale has been set up very well, just like the days of old. I haven’t really enjoyed this series, basically due to a lack of anything really happening. Maybe its me expecting too much from the final season, i don’t know, but i dont think it is.

There has been the odd flash of brilliance (Happily Ever After springs to mind) which shows that when the writers do get their heads down, they can write good stuff.

Anyway, to the finale, i feel the writers have set us up in the best way they could; screwing with our heads just like in previous seasons.

We have the Alternate Universe where Desmond is getting as many of the Losties as he can to go to a concert. I mean what the hell is all that about?! Then there’s Hurley who seems to have tapped further into his experiances on the Island and is helping Des too. Back on the Island, Ben has seemingly defected to MIB’s side but i know many of you think he is doing a Sawyer-like con; i’m not so sure but hey, it’s exciting. Next we have Jack who has become the Islands protector; for how long we don’t know but i’m sure that MIB will be SUPER DUPER pissed when he discovers Jacob has been replaced (Jack vs Locke showdown anyone?) And then we have the mystery of who help Des out of the well and why. And was it maybe Des’ plan all along to destroy the Island if that’s what MIB wants to use him for anyway?

Basically i’m sat here typing thinking “what the fcuking hell is going on?” but i’m glad. Interesting things have finally happened leaving the storyline finely balanced – different people have different agendas in different universes.

(Anticipation and expectations are very high Carlton and Damon, please do not dissapoint now!!!)

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2 thoughts on “Lost is back to it’s best!! Better late than never i suppose…..

  1. I Am Jacob…I Am With YOU…

    I really liked the entire season. I feel just like the past, every season was different, every one had its own theme…or idea…the last was only different in context to me…it was still the Lost I always knew.

    But you are right, lately it does seem like old Lost, and with many of the people in the right “state of mind”, I think that we are headed to one hell of a finale…

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