Smokie form changing

Ilana is marching around the island w/Locke’s corpse trying to show it to someone. Once she does, he can’t change forms anymore. I thought it was magical – until we realize ‘Adam’ was seen in Season 1 and he clearly could swap forms.

But, what if he doesn’t form change … it’s all in your mind. The illusion he is different dead people is blown (but not he is the one you see, ‘cuz you’ve been on this island awhile). A “Fool me once” kind of thing.

Also, if he can’t change forms anymore – all the dead we’ve seen are really them. We speculated Jacob, but that would include Michael, too.

Also, I think we shouldn’t be holding our breath for MIBs name, because we’ve already been given it a looonng time ago. In ‘Across the Sea’, there were two nameless characters. Jacob/MIB’s birthmother had like 10 seconds of screen time, but we were given her name (Claudia), why not the other two? Because they already told it to us and if we didn’t get it by then, here’s a flashback to season 1.

Now we know who they are (and aren’t) anyone care to crack the anagram.
Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit
Everything Changes
We are the causes of our own suffering
God loves you as he loved Jacob
Think about
Your Live

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