HUH? I can’t be the only one confused about THE END…..

So maybe I shouldn’t have been playing a LOST drinking game while watching the finale (Hurley sure says “Dude” quite a lot…) – but regardless I’m unsettled.

Can somebody lay it out plain and simple (if that’s possible)?


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3 thoughts on “HUH? I can’t be the only one confused about THE END…..

  1. I am also confused, maybe upon rewatching all over again, i might get it, but at the moment it doesn’t make sense.
    I’m happy with that though.

    Were the ATL losties going to heaven?

    Was it real or not?

    How were the two realities related? I guess thats what will confuse me the most, i guess we’ll never know now.

  2. Ok – I’ve read some posts on other sites and have concluded the following:

    Everything that happened on the island was real. The “sideways” universe is purgatory (or whatever you’d like to call it).

    Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Frank, Claire, and Richard actually leave the island on the plane and go on and live their lives. This is why Kate tells Jack in the “sideways” – “I’ve missed you.” She could have lived to be 108 (ha) missing Jack (who died in the final scene) for all her post island life.

    “the new Jacob/Jack” Hurley and “the new Richard/sidekick” Ben remain on the island, presumably for a long time (like Jacob long) until they die.

    Eloise is aware that she is dead and probably has been for a long time – which is why she is hoping that Desmond won’t be taking Daniel with him to “move on”. She wants more time with him, even if it isn’t real.

    And like Christian told Jack in the church, in the “sideways” (purgatory) – there is no “now” – time is irrelevant. Meaning the “sideways” was always there – a waiting room for those people whose most important time in their lives, was spent with the people post the 815 crash.

    They couldn’t “wake up” or “remember” their lives until after September 22, 2004 because it was that day, the crash of flight 815 that gave their lives meaning, before that they were all simply, LOST.

  3. Well put ScrollLocke – if people are still confused, my post “Final thoughts on The End” sheds some light on what I believe the shows end and the show in general now means.

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