The Most Important Concert in the History of the World?

Written 21st May

Ok, so we know there’s a concert in the FSW universe.  But is it David’s concert?  Or is it Eloise’s big event that she’s been laying out the silverware for, where Daniel was supposed to perform with Drive Shaft?  Well…I’m guessing it’s both.  I think this will be the MOMENT where everyone in the FSW timeline might end up.  For a while we thought it would be at the hospital; or the jail.  But think about my joint concert idea:  Jack, David, David’s mom and Claire going to see the young protege-type pianist; Eloise, Daniel, Charles and Penny to watch the family-member; Kate and Desmond because Desmond gave her a hot dress to wear); Miles, his dad Chang, Charlotte, and maybe Sawyer; maybe Charlie will even show up, even though he’s currently AWOL.  Not sure yet how Hurley and Sayid would get there.  Maybe Hurley and Libby go to the concert on a date?  Any one else I’m missing.


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