You know how I can’t keep my mouth shut when I have something to say……

It was just yesterday. I was in the greatest of moods. I threw out all expectations of how this momumental show was going to end. I went in with a clear mind, and was prepared to be entertained……I was entertained alright, but I never in a million years thought I’d be feeling as empty as I did when it finally concluded.

The music was amazing. The “connection” scenes were all emotional in an appropriate way. The way they incorporated everyone into the episode was masterful. The interactions between everyone in the FSW was especially uplifting towards the end. The Locke and Ben converstaion is one I’ll remember forever. So why do I feel as empty as I do? Well, it’s not because I’m trying to be a negative fool again, it’s because what I witnessed last night was the end of a drama, and nothing more.

I know this show has always been about the characters. That part’s obvious. They’ve always done a wonderful job with getting us to love, hate, or believe in certain characters. You know what though? A ton of shows on TV have solid character writing. I’m dead serious. I didn’t watch Lost to see emotional moments every week. Sure, when they were there, I enjoyed them. I’m not some robot that’s going to pretend that I didn’t feel like crying during a few scenes in the finale. But I don’t sit down every week hoping to see Sawyer and Juliette go dutch on some coffee. I’m a fan of science fiction. The science fiction aspect is what got me into this show in the first place.

The way the writers have messed with us over the six year span is ridiculous. We all loved it though. That’s why there’s a site like this one, and many, many others that have some of the deepest minds in the world trying to make sense of what we were witnessing every week. That’s the problem though isn’t it? Now that it’s over, it’s more apparent to me than ever that the writers literally DID throw almost every mystery away shortly after writing them. The agony of that is what’s doing me in right now.

I never expected answers to be given to us. Our memories of this show would’ve been tainted if they started spouting answers to us last night. I’m glad the origin of the light was never explained. Believe me, the episode would’ve fell flat after an explanation of that. Some mysteries are better left untouched. What I did expect though, never happened. There were absolutely no subtle clues or hints about what the island’s purpose ever was. There was not one more bit of evidence about what, who, or why Smokie was. I just wanted to hear Flocke say “You see Jack, this is why I made Ben and “the others” think they were listening to Jacob all along….” or something of that nature. I wanted a reveal that explained ANYTHING about any past occurances on the island. I simply feel no need to start from the beginning and enjoy the show all over again. I was really hoping I’d feel the motivation to do that today.

Do I consider the finale to be a dud? No, it was well done by the crew. I actually liked the limbo/purgatory/afterlife reveal. I enjoyed the last few minutes more than anything. I loved seeing the entire cast being able to all smile and shake hands. It was still beautiful for what it was. But I think a lot of the more hardcore fans needed a little something extra that we simply didn’t get whatsoever. It would have been nice to see the writers actually go on a limb for something. They played it about as safely as they could. They knew that an explanation of the island would have divided the audience. Did they not realize that a very unrevealing ending would divide it even more? Is it all about money? Are they really keeping it all open in order to do more in the future? God, I hope not. Last night was “The End” right? Well, it is a business.

I’m basically just contradicting myself. I’m unsatisfied, yet hoping the show’s completely done. The thing is, I was just hoping for a little more “epic” out of it while it lasted. Just yesterday I was telling people not to expect any answers out of the finale, and to sit back and enjoy it. I just didn’t think we’d literally be getting NO important answers though. I know the writers have the right to end the show any way they feel necessary, but Lost isn’t like every other show. It was the most mysterious thing I’ll probably ever be a part of. We only loved the mysteries because we knew there was more show in the future to possibly explain things. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Hence, I feel like we’ve been left in the dark.

By the way……… I still can’t believe they got the plane off the ground. Extremely unbelieveable.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

15 thoughts on “Contradicting

  1. Totally agreed. The writers should have watched more X-Files to figure out how to successfully combine great characters with great science fiction.

  2. It’s just mindnumbing. I’m stunned at how writers have found it so difficult to provide fulfilling finales to their shows over the past couple of years. As an episode, “The End” was phenomenal. As a series finale, it was really quite awful.

    I’m finding it hard to let go the fact that it’s all over. We may never learn anything about anything regarding the island. We invested so much time and thought into something that was never going to get an explanation anyway. Not trying to blow it out of proportion, but it’s a rather violating feeling.

  3. I agree with you 100%. I will admit that I loved and cried through most of the “connection” scenes. The built up was executed quite well but the actual end was the dud. I am actually quite upset over this. I am pissed at the writers. I want to jsut forget about the show now instead of celebrate it. 6 years of my life and now I feel utter discontent. Now, the best thing about the show was it was full of hot men. The End.

  4. The last 15 minutes were great. But it feels like they just skipped 10 episodes between “What they died for” and “The End”. There’s this gap that’s going to make us all feel empty… A gap that could’ve answered many important misteries.
    I don’t know how to feel anymore. Angry?

    Sad? Maybe we’ll just have to “let go”…

    I read somewhere that they’ll include many answers in the DVDs. But i don’t even know if it’s going to be worth buying…

    (Excuse my bad english)

  5. LOL. I agree, Hurley had a great ass. If I was a girl, I’d…..never mind.

    The individual episodes were always fantastic. I could never pop a DVD in, and watch just one episode. But my love for the show as a whole went south in a heartbeat. I couldn’t ever recommend this show to someone, knowing damn well that they aren’t going to understand anything, even when they’ve finished watching it all. Shame.

  6. Yup, fine ending as a stand alone or maybe even for this season, but for the show as a whole, it sucked!

    What a waste of awesome material, awesome writing. I feel completely cheated! This is one of those things I wish I would have never watched!

    If I could build a time machine, I would go back to 2004 and tell myself not to waste my time! And when I said, “But what about the statue or hieroglyphics or why Dogen told Sayid to not let MIB speak and MIB to Richard the same thing? etc, etc, etc.” To which I would say to myself, “B/c they’re not going to even remotely address those questions let alone answer them! Go play some golf, read a good book, watch something on FOX, but forget LOST, it’s lost!”

  7. Glaw – I planned on buying the entire set on Blu-ray, as my first Blu-ray purchase. I’m doubting it now. I’ll just wait until someone else watches it and posts the “answers” online.

    I’m no longer dumb enough to believe them when they say that answers are on the way. ABC really ruined that for me earlier this year.

  8. I totally agree…
    Two days ago i was telling a friend that knows nothing about Lost: “You better start watching Lost, ’cause it’s probably going to be the best thing you’ll ever watch in your life”. He came to my house 2 hours ago saying he just started and it’s pretty cool. But after last night episode, i feel like i’m conning him. I better tell him to stop before it’s too late…

  9. Here’s the ironic thing about the writers saying LOST was always a show about characters:

    Dear LOST writers: I’ll buy that it was a story about characters, however, you friggin’ put those characters in a SCIENCE FICTION show, and by not wrapping up the science fictions elements, you’ve taken away the value of the influence of that science fiction on them.

    And since the whole show revolved around the importance of the characters connecting via the science fiction filled island – I’d say you’ve done one of the greatest injustices to your precious characters that you could have done.

    I would have been more satisfied with a friggin’ spaceship, maybe.

  10. what would have happened if tolkien never told the the story of middle earth?it would be like me not knowing the history of America,just its characters. i remember the producers saying the island was a character ,where is the back story for this character. i am so mad for the writers they could have went done in history as the best.should i get rid of lost season 2 and three and erase this season?

  11. Somewhere, a small part of me is hoping that there is a different ending, one that has been planned out to answer all (or nearly all) our questions, that the writers will turn around in 2, 3, maybe 6 months time and say “this is the REAL ending, haha we made a funny, you should have seen your faces! here’s to make up for that last unanswered episode”. How cool would that be, to find out that wasn’t the real ending, that they have planned it all out and will surprise us with a better explanation?
    It will never happen, but part of me wishes it would.

  12. I was really looking forward to re-watching the show from start to finish but after that ending I really don’t think I’ll bother.

    They could’ve done so much better.

  13. There were definitely ways in which this could have been better. This ending (on the island) was very much like a “National Treasure” type ending. The difference being that they didn’t bother explaining anything. While this was much less corny than National Treasure, it had that sudden “How the hell did they know what to do in that situation?” type of thing going for it.

  14. Hey Chief,

    Although I never really posted/commented myself, I’ve been reading the posts on this site for the last year, and at the end here, I just wanted to let you know I especially looked out for yours because I found myself agreeing with you a great deal, and your sentiments on the finale are no different.

    That said, knowing your tastes and you mentioning you are a science fiction fan as well as our mutual dissatisfaction with the lack of back-explanation by the writers, are there any science fiction writing (books specifically) that WOULD recommend that introduce knots but masterfully untie them as well? If not books, than any movies?

  15. cool1wow – I’m glad you enjoyed the site like you did, and to honestly answer your question, nothing really comes to mind.

    The writers for this show made it clear from the get go that they were all about introducing mysteries. Throughout the six years, the amount of questions piled up. Then this season begins, and we get some of the most frustrating dialogue we could’ve hoped for.

    I can’t count how many times I wanted to say “Oh come on! Flocke, Jacob, Dogen, etc…” When someone asked one of them a question, we got crap in return. It was just an obnoxious style of writing. It started becoming obvious that they would only do that to get us to tune in the following week.

    As much as I say I didn’t expect answers in the finale, there’s a part of me that was really frickin hoping I’d get at least one.

    So how I I think Lost made itself a little more guilty than the reast of the science fiction realm. It prided itself on keeping us in the dark. If you’re the type of person that likes that, then you probably love this show to this day. If you’re the type that was hoping to put your mind at ease, and move on with life….then this show disappointed.

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