In LA X Juliet’s dying thoughts were “it worked”…. what worked???!!??  Am I missing something very obvious?  I did like when Juliet handed Sawyer the chocolate bar & said “it worked”.

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9 thoughts on “WHAT WORKED???!!!

  1. Was she referring to the vending machine that Sawyer got the Apollo bar out of?

    Remember, Miles said that she said “It worked”. It’s not something she said when she was alive. I’m just speculating of course. No idea about anything anymore.

  2. Yes, she was talking about getting the Apollo bar out of the vending machine … cute touch I thought. But what did she mean in the original island timeline? The bomb clearly did NOT work… so what *did* work? Ooohh was she dying/flashing to the alt timeline? Is that what that was? Quick… are those the thoughts Miles was always hearing? Alt timeline thoughts/conversations? Any examples out there?

  3. I meant perhaps Miles was reading her thoughts in the FSW, because that’s where her spirit was. After she died on the island, her spirit was in the FSW…..Okay, I have no idea lostangela. I’m sorry. This show was all over the place.

  4. Yeah, I think when Miles picked up on Juliet’s last thoughts about how “it worked” she was referring to the vending machine.

    Remember her dying words to Sawyer were “maybe we can grab a coffee sometime… we can go dutch” etc. That’s exactly what she said in the FSW when she met him, so it’s reasonable to assume that she was drifting in and out of the “afterlife” when she was dying.

    I absolutely hate it though. I wanted the “it worked” to explain that detonating Jug Head had created an alternate timeline where 815 didn’t crash… but no, actually “it worked” was referring to an Apollo bar falling out of a vending machine. *sigh*

  5. It worked…

    first of all the seperate time line being created (when atomic bomb is set off)

    Second “it worked”, is related to first of all Desmond turning off the light and Flocke becoming vulnerable and Jack and Kate killing him.

    Then the light is turned back on by jack, fulfilling his destiny. So the the light is kept on.

    The vending machine in the sideline is merely a metaphor for this.

    Juliet: “Turn it off and then back on”

    And it worked for both the chocolate bar and for the other timelines fulfilment, where Jack saves the light.

  6. nacho – there was no alternate timeline. What we saw in the FSW was an afterlife created by the Losties, a place they went to once they’d died.

    The bomb going off in the 70s didn’t create an alternate timeline. It was The Incident. Whatever Happened, Happened.

    Juliet was flashing in and out of the afterlife when she was dieing, so that moment when she met Sawyer in the afterlife is what she was talking about to him when she was dieing. I doubt she meant that anything other than that.

  7. Then I dont know what worked – in the case of the atomic bomb.

    But Faraday seemed to play his role in making sure it happened. So any suggestions appreciated. Perhaps it moved the island back in time (from 1977) to where Sun, Ben and the rest of the gang were (2006 etc or whatever the date was) in time?

    But in the case of the vending machine, it was the writers way of answering of how they managed to defeat smokie! I stand by that.

    They turned off the light, to kill Locke, then turned it back on to stop the world or island or life or whatever, being destroyed.

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