this is more a question open for debate but, is Ben waiting outside the church because Hurley passed down the role of island protector to him and he’s still there protecting it?

or something else?

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  1. I got the impression that Ben was waiting outside because everyone inside would be going to “Heaven”, whereas Ben knew (or thought) he was going to “Hell”.

  2. I got the impression that he thought he didn’t deserve to be in the church with them because of all the pain he caused them in life and that he was only their to apologise to Locke

  3. that is why i think he said he had a few more things to tie up here.. aybe help alex and russue or he just felt he had to make more amends with himself

  4. I think ar420316 is right, it’s about Alex…wanted to help Alex even more in the Purgatory life, then when she “came to” and realized she was dead.. her and Ben could move on together..

  5. I do believe that it is because he is going to hell. Think of who WASN’T in the church. All sinners.
    Michael: Killed Ana Lucia and Libby in cold blood
    Ana Lucia: Shot the man that shot her and killed her unborn baby in cold blood
    Ben: Countless things
    Eko: His experiences as a drug lord
    So I do believe that Ben was not in there due to his sins.
    But then again, Sayid and Kate and Sawyer all killed people in cold blood so who knows…

  6. oh just realized also.. Oh this is very cool thought, I might write a theory on this.. Just as Ben is waiting for Alex, Christian waited for Jack before “moving on” with him. Although Christian realized he was dead long before, even to the point of going through a “death” in purgatory. Not saying he actually died again in purgatory, but Christian allowed Jack to experience losing his father again. Maybe Jack couldn’t move on until he got to the point of burying his father..

  7. People seem to move on in groups according to their needs and importance to meach other.

    It seems appropriate for Ben to move on with some of the people he played an important role with, like say, Tom Friendly, Eloise Hawking, Charles Widmore, Dogen, Annie, Alex (most especially) and Danielle.

    I am thinking that after the departure of our first group, the sideways reality re-configures into something new in which Ben plays the father role to Alex again, but where he and Widmore have business dealings and in which Charles and he must arrive at a concensus.

    Maybe Widmore would be a board of education rep. negotiating teacher salaries and Ben is their union rep. Or maybe his job is to cut the music departmet’s budget. This would involve his son Daniel with whom he is working out other issues.

  8. It’s about Alex. Christian explains, “The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people.” Not true with Ben; it was when he was with Alex as leader of the Others. Perhaps he’ll help the Others ‘awaken’ and be ready to move-on to their happily ever after (we’ve already see Rousseau and Alex, and Ethan for that matter.)

    WRT Michael, the whispers one the island were those who died on the island and because of their actions *on the island* weren’t able to ‘move on’. Perhaps it’s not as much about sinning against others than sinning against the island (aka be a pawn for MIB) OR maybe Michael wasn’t able to ‘let go’ of his bad behavior, but would eventually be reunited with his most important others.

  9. I find it hard to believe that Ben is waiting for Alex and/or Danielle, for a couple of reasons.

    1. I actually think that Alex and Danielle weren’t really “real” in this afterlife (as in, when they really died they didn’t end up here). Like David, he wasn’t real, he was conjured up in Jacks mind. I think Alex and Danielle were just conjured up in Bens mind. Ben remembered them, but they didn’t remember Ben.

    That being said, if they were really a part of the afterlife, then:

    2. I don’t think Alex and Danielle would be interested in joining Ben once they’ve remembered. Ben kidnapped Alex as a baby and left Danielle to go crazy for 16 years. And then Ben was partially to blame for Danielle and Karls death, and to top it all off, the last words Alex heard from Ben before she died was that she meant nothing to him.

    I really don’t think Ben expects them to join him. In fact, for all those reasons listed above, that is why he thinks he’s going to “Hell” (or at least he thinks he deserves to go to “Hell”).

  10. @Emzi
    hey, good to see you posting alot lately..
    I wanted to respond to your comment.
    You could be right, not everybody in purgatory was real, such as Jack’s son..

    But I hope the Lost purgatory really was a place for souls to work out their shortcomings, so they could move on. Similar to Island helping people in real life, Lost purgatory could help people in after life. Just like people coming to the Island, their past doesn’t matter and people get a chance to start over. If Ben is able to be better father figure to Alex in the purgatory, perhaps that will makeup for all of his shorcomings, and when Alex finally realizes who he was in real life, she will have the heart to forgive him in the after life.

    I don’t think in the story of Lost there really is a Hell. There is being alive, being dead and unable to move on (Michael), and being dead and moved on (dead Losties going into light). For Ben also, he is dead but unable to move on; but I believe he is working on moving on by working things out with Alex. For Lost, Hell would have been the light being off; and I believe that would have affected both real life and the after life; nobody would have been alive anymore…

    I can’t believe I’m writing about this topic, I’m one of the sci-fi fanatics that is really upset about the last episode.. But I’m still able to piece some of the pieces together of what the writers wanted us to see as being Life, Death, and Rebirth…

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