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This will be my last post here so just wanted to say that even though i didn’t post much i’ve checked and read most of your theories and comments as and when i had free time, and i liked them very much.

I’m one of those people who really like everything about “LOST” including “The End”. I know they haven’t answered everything and you feel that most of the things are not connected etc. but none of those things matters in The End. No matter what we say or do we all die someday, and there is not a thing you or i can do about it. People are staling, killing, hating and doing all kind of bad things to get power and money but they will still die someday. So what matters in the end is how we lived our life and this show was all about that.

I’m getting carried away so will end this by thanking all the people who involved in making LOST (even the smoke monster :P) and all of you here at for supporting it. LOST is the best tv series i have ever seen by far and i hope it will get plenty of awards for entertaining us over six seasons and giving us some nice memories to hold on to.

The End.

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A non-geeky computer programmer who likes to enjoy life rather than sitting in front of a computer desk. I believe lost is about good and evil and shows different sides of peoples lives which is why i like the show more than anything.

2 thoughts on “Last post about lost – The End

  1. I was just about to write one of my final posts and read yours first; it is pretty much what I’m about to state as well. Just like Desmond said, none of it matters in the end.

  2. zerocool, I hope that everyone takes away the same message from Lost that you did.

    If Lost was making a moral and spiritual statement on life, and I believe that they were, this is precisely the message that they wished to impart.

    Awesome post….just changed your screen name to ‘waycool’.


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