The reality of the finale.

 My take on the finale and unresolved mysteries is that if it had been only two or three seasons long then we would all have been happy with this ending. However when ABC studio execs saw the audience figures for season one and realized the amount of advertising revenue they could make then the forced Darlton to extend the series. This diluted the shows impact by forcing them to keep it fresh, hold off on mythology resolutions and try to keep the mysterious island vibe. In the end it couldn’t sustain itself and nearly collapsed under the weight of expectation.

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2 thoughts on “The reality of the finale.

  1. Not sure if this actually happened or not, though I always tell my wife that money runs everything. She watches shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “American Idol” and I tell her constantly that the producers/the people with the money are making more decisions about the shows than she thinks.

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