The show that bridged the gap between Science and Faith.

I see lots of people pissed about the finale. I get why they are mad. Yet I do not agree. The ending was not what I expected, yet I think that makes me like it more. The one key point I want to make here is that I feel they actually did answer pretty much everything but one key thing.

“The Source” or “The Island” or “God” or “Exotic Material”

Basically I think they left that one thing vague because it is the answer to all the remaining questions the show left us with. Which in alot of ways is what the idea of “faith and gods” or “fringe science” is all about. I think they did a genius thing because they actually made a complete show that can be appreciated from both the scientific point of view and the religious point of view.

Not too many things bridge that gap!

For all the people out there saying they didnt answer enough. I think you are wrong. Everything was pretty much uncovered but what that damned light is. Maybe, you are not supposed to know. It is beyond your comprehension. In the context of the show anyways.

To give something infinite and unknown a value or name or reason kinda defeats the purpose.

That is why I like the ending. Great character moments, a little indiana jones moment one level closer to the Source and the rest is left to the imagination.

Lost cannot tell you what the source is. Nothing can.

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2 thoughts on “The show that bridged the gap between Science and Faith.

  1. exactly. How can they answer what noone has answered in millenia?

    But people I guess wanted to understand the Dharma and things like that for example. Or where they other dead people as well, tyring to find their path to enlightenment in another life.

    The more I read, the more I love the ending.

  2. I really like the ending to – the Losties meeting up in the afterlife to move on together – but I don’t see why they couldn’t also answer the questions they posed to us from the beginning.

    It’s like someone giving you a puzzle, and you spent a ton of time piecing it together, only to find out that the puzzle actually didn’t come with all the pieces!

    I was going so crazy with all of the unanswered questions, that I had to write them all down. So I did that in a blog, and was shocked to see how many unanswered questions there really were. And I’m sure there are more than what I was able to come up with:

    For a show to have THAT MANY unanswered questions is unforgivable.

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