Others followed MIB?

Why did they executed the purge? Why did they chased and captured losties? Why did Locke had to kill his father to become ruler of the others? It seems like the kind of stuff smokey would do… Just like some kind of tradition that as he killed his mother every leader would have to kill his parents.

Dogen said that Jacob promised him that he would save him son if he never left the island. Is it an action Jacob would do or seems more like MIB’s instructions?

Didn’t Richard got to talk to Jacob? How often? Why the others acted like that? I understand they spoke latin and wore old fashioned clothes to honour Jacob, but there’s still so many mysteries about the others.

I want to think that the writers knew what they were doing, but the more I think of it the less I know if that’s true or they simply were creating mysteries with no sense at all, just for the sake of it. That’s bad writing, even if this is one of the best series ever.

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11 thoughts on “Others followed MIB?

  1. This is one of the few things I would have liked to get some clarification on myself.

    I’m assuming MIB was tricking Ben all along into thinking he was actually Jacob. But then again, Jacob wasn’t dead then, so it’s not like MIB was able to portray Jacob when talking to Richard or Ben anyway.

    But this is why I always thought Jacob was evil, or at least deceiving. The Others did some pretty nasty things to people. Is that something Jacob would allow? Who really knows?

  2. Chill out.. just think through the processes and events. Of course things arent well explained, I agree. But look at this bit:

    “Dogen said that Jacob promised him that he would save him son if he never left the island. Is it an action Jacob would do or seems more like MIB’s instructions?”

    Your explanation I think is nailed on. They are being manipulated by MIB.

    Dogen was keeping them at the temple.


    because smokie aka Flocke was going there to execute all the candidates. Like he tried on the submarine.

    So in essence Dogen keeping them there was endagering them.

    Jacob intervenes via hurley and they get Jack the hell out of there.

    = Dogen being manipulated by MIB to stay in the temple.

    Good post.

    By asking questions, we can reason the answers I think.

  3. nachochris – Well…..Why did Dogen feel the need to keep everyone in the temple? Because of the list that Jacob gave Hurley to give to Dogen, right?

    If that wasn’t Jacob that gave Hurley the guitar case (which had the list of names to protect) Then are we saying that MIB can actually appear in a taxi in the real world?

    I love the way you’re trying to explain this. I want to agree completely that there are answers for things. I’m tired of running into contradictions everywhere I look though.

  4. Here is another example of how most of the answers that they didn’t hand deliver to us on a silver platter, are already there for everyone to see…

    Dogen was the people protector guardian of the temple. Jacob sent him, that was his job. It’s where all of the others went when they needed protection (a safe haven). A place where Jacob sent his candidates. So, there needed to be a living guardian (Dogen) within the ash for the ash to have any purpose. Lennon confirms this when he tells Sayid that he (Dogen) was the only thing keeping him (Smokey) out. Dogen dies the ash is rendured useless. It doesn’t matter if the ash is broken or not.

    For instance Brahm puts down an ash circle to keep Smokey at bay… Brahm is automatically considered the guardian within that circle, Smokey is unable to cross the circle and Brahm is safe. Once Brahm falls out of the circle he is killed by Smokey… But, yet Smokey is now free to do a victory dance within that circle if he chooses. Just as we later see his victory dance (massacre) at the temple…

    There was no living guardian within the cabin, there probably once was, because the ash still remains… The cabin was a red herring to throw people off… And, they were successful. The only purpose of the cabin (that we have been shown) was MIB/Smokey using it as a way to manipulate Ben and later Locke… And this has been confirmed in the finale when Ben states that he just realized that it was actually Smokey summoning him.

    Ben confirms (before killing Jacob) that he was infact following Jacob’s orders without question… All, those lists, all those slips of paper… But, yet Ben was being manipulated by Smokey to become the new man behind the curtain, the new island leader. It was Smokey that made Ben power hungy and selfish. This was echoed in the sideways world when it is Locke that gives Ben the idea to become the new principle.

    Can anybody debate these “facts” that have been given to us as an answer? If so, please do!

    Hope, I didn’t come off sarcastic or cocky. That’s not how I roll. But, I am totally shocked that people can’t see that “most” of the answers are there within the context of the show.

  5. Brilliant post, elsewhere! It makes sense. I really want to believe that writers really knew what they were doing and not that they made a story full of plot holes and stuff that doesn´t make sense or have meaning just for the sake of making the series a mysterious show.

    So far there are a lot of answers that we can figure, but still so many questions.

  6. elsewhere – Thanks for taking the time to try to explain things.

    I guess I like your explanation of the ash. It sounds a little “magical”, but I guess a lot of this show did in retrospect. I’ll go with that for now.

    About the cabin though. There’s more to it than just a place that MIB resided in to make Ben the way he is.

    I’m gonna have to be a smart-ass for one second here: Did MIB put the ash around the cabin to protect himself from himself in case he ever decided to commit suicide in the cabin? And what was the purpose of Ilana and folks going to the cabin?

    You see? There’s contradictions and hang ups everywhere. I try assuming something, then something knocks that assumption into “debunked” territory.

    Again though, I like your thinking. If you have any idea as to why there would be ash around MIB’s cabin, please let me know.

    I’m very well aware that this show is over, and that all of this should be history. That doesn’t stop me from trying to figure everything out though.

  7. ilieintheshadow is right, MIB manipulated some people on the island. Jacob basically told that to Richard – who then gave him the amazing revelation … well, why don’t you do that, too?

    The Others were brought to the isand by Jacob. Dharma, I’m torn … but regardless, MIB used their own weakness and fears to pit Others against Dharma.

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